Before you continue

Great news. You can switch to a new deal while you're taking a payment holiday.

To help as many customers as we can in these difficult times, we've changed our rules so you can now switch deals while you're on a payment holiday.

Here are a few things you need to bear in mind.

While you're switching deals:

  • The information we show you will be based on your current mortgage balance
    It doesn't take into account any changes that we'll make to your account as a result of your payment holiday.
  • Any figures we show you are worked out as if you were still paying your mortgage each month
    Don't worry, your payment holiday will still be in place and we won't take any payments until it ends.

When your payment holiday ends:

  • The amount you pay each month will change
    We'll write to you to confirm your new monthly amount, which will reflect your mortgage account balance and the new interest rate.