Create an eco-friendly bathroom

Small changes can make a big difference when it comes to going green in the bathroom.

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Going green doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune. There are quick tricks and simple swaps that can make your bathroom more eco-friendly.

Try these five ways to create a more sustainable bathroom.

1. Go plastic-free

Take a look around your bathroom and see if you can spot the plastic products? From haircare and handwash right down to your toothbrush, the bathroom can be full of plastic. In fact, research shows that bathroom products account for 30-40 per cent of total landfill waste – some of which will take up to 500 years to decompose.1

But don’t worry, it’s easier than you think to cut down on non-sustainable bathroom products. All it takes is a few simple swaps:

  • Swap a bottle for a bar.
    While many brands and shops are now offering refillable services to top up your handwash, body wash and haircare products, you could swap them completely for a bar of soap, or shampoo and conditioner bars. There’s no plastic waste and you might find the ingredients are more natural too.
  • Cut down on disposables.
    Did you know that 2 billion disposable razors end up in landfill every year? By switching to a reusable razor, you’ll help the planet and probably enjoy a smoother shave.2
  • Keep recycling.
    We’re more likely to recycle our kitchen waste than our bathroom products. So, if you can’t replace, recycle it instead.

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Source: Wearth London

2. Save on water

You might think that taking a shower is more efficient than having a bath. But some power showers actually use more energy and more water than if you’d had a long soak in the tub.

Two small changes could make a big difference:

  • The 4-minute shower.
    Four minutes is the optimum time for a shower according to Waterwise. If that sounds too short, simply shower for one minute less every day. If everyone in the UK did this, we’d cut our national energy bill by £215 billion a year.3
  • Switch your shower head.
    Simply switching to an aerating or low-flow shower head could reduce your water usage by up to 6 litres per minute.

3 Source: Waterwise

3. Fix the flush

We flush about 30% of our household water down the toilet.4 If that sounds like a waste, you could upgrade your toilet to a dual flush. Alternatively you can fit a variable flushing device to an existing toilet, which gives you the option to use less water.

But if you want to make a small change to your existing cistern, you could add a displacement device. That alone can reduce the amount of water wasted by 1-3 litres per flush. Check to see if your water company will send you one for free.

4 Source: The Green Age

4. Bring back the bidet

Bidets might sound like old-fashioned idea but they could be about to make a come-back due to their long-term sustainability benefits.

Manufacturing toilet roll not only needs a lot of trees, but it’s also an incredibly water-intensive process. So, by replacing toilet roll with water actually saves water, energy and trees in the long run.

In fact, Tushy, a bidet attachment manufacturer, suggests using a bidet could help you save as much as 54 gallons of water a week.

5. Greener ways to redecorate

Redecorating your bathroom is a great opportunity to make eco-friendly choices. Try these sustainable ideas:

  • Sustainable shower screens.
    A glass screen is more eco-friendly than a vinyl curtain. Curtains need replacing multiple times and some contain chemicals that are harmful to our environment.
  • Tile with care.
    Reclaimed tiles, natural lino and recycled cork are all sustainable and stylish options.
  • Natural materials.
    Natural materials are not only more durable but they can transform a bathroom into a more luxurious feeling space. Quartz or marble unit tops and flooring, for example, are much easier to keep clean means fewer harsh cleaning chemicals in your home.
  • Go vintage.
    Instead of buying new, see what treasures you can find. Vintage washstands and dressers make the perfect base for a sink, or you could have a go at refurbishing an antique free-standing bath.
  • Bargain hunt.
    If you prefer a more modern look, search local sellers’ pages for bathroom furniture. Someone else in your area might be redecorating – and you could find yourself a bargain.

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