Make room for creativity in your home

If you’re ready to take your creative hobby to the next level, try these three easy steps to make more space for it.

A lady making a clay pot at home

Hobbies have helped keep us all sane during lockdowns. Around 22% of people in the UK took up a new hobby to help them feel more positive during the pandemic, and 35% rediscovered their old hobbies.

So, if you’ve been nurturing a new passion, perhaps it’s time to give it more space and make it a permanent fixture in your life.

Try these three steps to making your own ‘creator space’:

1. Dedicate a space to your hobby

Whatever your new found hobby is, there are ways to give it space to breathe in your home and let your creativity flow. Perhaps you’ve a spare room that you could clear of clutter. This is a good start if you want a tranquil yoga space or crafting room. Clear out the things you don’t need, and perhaps decorate with inspirational images, scented candles or house plants. Try some clever storage to keep all your crafting equipment organised.

If lockdowns inspired a new passion for food, you can ask others to give you space when you’re in the kitchen – so you can focus on new dishes and flavours. Get a radio, a stereo or even a record player to play your favourite cooking tunes and maybe invest in pretty spice racks and jars to display ingredients. You could save on plastic by using glass storage containers and maybe even start growing your own herbs.

Perhaps your new hobby is a little messy (candle making anyone?) or noisy (fermenters can make a racket), so it might be an idea to create a dedicated space away from the house – like turning your shed or garage into a workshop or building a garden room.

Getting out into the garden more? The sky’s the limit. Whether you’re nurturing a love for growing house plants or potatoes, your hobby can transform your home.

2. Find, make or borrow equipment

Nearly a quarter of UK households agreed that they increased their spending on hobby supplies over lockdowns.1 Some hobbies, like photography, can get pricey when you start looking for better equipment. So, try sourcing second-hand or leasing as a cheaper way to upgrade your equipment.

Then, there are the messy hobbies. Candle making, painting or screen printing can be more comfortable when you have a washing space and running water. But if you’re tight on space and budget, you can make your own wash station.

A water container with a tap and a washing up bowl underneath is a cheap and easy way to get access to water in a place that’s not plumbed in. So, you can beaver away in the shed without the need for complex additions. And a camping stove could work just as well as your hob when it comes to melting candle wax.

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3. The future of your creator space

What does the future of your new hobby hold? If you’re dreaming of YouTube fame, an Instagram shop or even an entire career and lifestyle shift, then plan for that. Leave space for that top-notch printer you’ll need for marketing material. Think about where you could set up a camera and the best kind of backdrop for video streaming. If painting is your passion, perhaps paint your own wall mural. With your mindset already on the road to your future goals, your creator space will be ready to help you get there.

If that all seems like ‘pie-in-sky’ and you simply want to get on with your hobby for no other reason than pure enjoyment, it still pays to consider the future of your space. It can be as simple as considering storage and flexibility. If you are short on space, but like the minimal look it pays to be practical when making purchases. Otherwise, it’ll only be a few weeks before the clutter builds. Folding desks, storage benches and pull-down projector screens – there’s plenty of small space hacks to help you out.

Making plans can be exciting, so speak to others in your household about what you’d like to do and check that they’re happy with that. They might want to help you out or have suggestions. Be mindful that this is their home too. To have a long-lived creator space, it’s best to incorporate it into the home without disturbing others.

With your own creator space, you’ll be nurturing your hobby into the future.

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