How to prepare for a virtual house viewing

Show your home off to its full potential with these five tips to prepare for an online viewing.

Couple viewing tablet

If your home is on the market, chances are you’ll be offered a virtual way of showing potential buyers your home. While virtual viewings may be new territory, they have a few great benefits. 

The benefits of virtual viewings

  • You only need to prepare once.
  • You won’t need to vacate your home to show someone round.
  • With the right footage, you’ll be showing your home in the best light, and could reach dozens more buyers.

How to prepare

1. Let the light in

Any photographer will tell you that the key to great photos and video footage is light. So make sure to replace your lightbulbs (especially if any are out) and open the curtains and the blinds.

It pays to keep the lighting consistent throughout, so try and avoid dark corners or soft, lamp light in one room and bright spotlights in another.

2. Clean everything

Polished tables and surfaces can make your home look more spacious and inviting. Give the whole house a thorough clean and wash the windows and mirrors too.

3. Make space

It can be difficult to see how big or small your property is online, so a quick tidy up can make all the difference. Move any bits and bobs into cupboards and just leave nice pieces of furniture on display.

The things that can look messy in a photograph are cables and plugs, bins coat stands, hanging towels and any unnecessary clutter on the kitchen surfaces.

4. Help out your photographer

When the photographer comes to take or a video they will have a special 3D camera on a tripod. This can be big and heavy, so the easier it is to access your home and all the parts they need, the better your virtual viewing will turn out.

Take in consideration where they will need to stand to get a good shot of each room, and whether they’ll need space on a balcony or in the loft.

Don’t forget, they do this for a living. They want to show off your home in the best way possible too, so listen to their instructions and help them out as much as possible. Then, you’re ready to go. You can sit back and wait for the offers to start coming in. Good luck.

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