7 everyday ways to save more

Want to build your savings up? Try these seven ways to start saving more, every day.

Person with money savings jar

1. Make the most of your freezer

Did you know that keeping your freezer full actually makes it more energy efficient? So, making good use of your freezer can help you save in more ways than one. Plan ahead and batch cook your meals to save last minute dashes to the shop and takeaway splurges. And bear in mind what you can freeze when you’re walking around the supermarket. Some produce close to its sell-by date will last well in the freezer as well as helping you pick up a bargain.

Top tip: If the freezer is looking bare, you can improve its energy efficiency by padding it out with some bottled water.

2. Try a fakeaway

If you love a pizza on a Friday night or love to order in your favourite chicken korma and watch a film, why not try a fakeaway to cut down costs. These are home recipes of your favourite takeaways dishes. They could be much healthier for you as well as cheaper.

Top tip: For fakeaway recipes try BBC Food Collections, Tesco Real Food and Jamie Oliver for inspiration.

3. Share your streaming services

A film and a fakeaway is a match made in heaven. So to save even more money on the perfect evening in, you could try sharing your streaming services. Family and premium packages often work out much cheaper per person. For example, a Netflix premium plan is £13.99 a month and you can watch it on four different screens. So, you’d be paying about £3.50 each. That’s saving more than £5 a month if you’re on a standard £8.99 plan – and it’s even cheaper than their basic £5.99 offer. (Prices correct in May 2021).

Top tip: You can sign up to a free trial for many streaming services. So, if there’s a film you really want to watch but don’t want to pay monthly, try a free trial. Just don’t forget to cancel it.

4. Make your own natural cleaning products

Shop-bought cleaning products can be expensive. You can make your own cheaper and more eco-friendly versions that clean just as well. White vinegar, baking soda and lemons are all things that you might already have in the cupboard and give sparkling results.

Top tip: Mix vinegar with water and baking soda to make an all-purpose bathroom, window and kitchen cleaner.

5. Eat seasonal, local food

Opting for seasonal fruit and veg can save you money. It’s usually cheaper because the food miles are lower and when something’s in season, there’s suddenly lots of it. If you buy from a local market, you’ll also cut down on plastic waste. Go the extra mile and plan your meals ahead to make the most of the veg you buy.

Top tip: The average fridge setting is 7 degrees Centigrade. If you reduce it to 5 degrees, your fresh produce will last longer.

6. Compare your weekly shopping bills

When it comes to shopping, it’s easy to get into a routine and always use the same place. But shop around and see if your weekly food bill comes in cheaper in a different place.

If there’s nowhere else you’d rather go, then you could try bulk buying the things you need every week. If there’s one near you, try a cash-and-carry for the bulk buys and keep your weekly shop down.

Top tip: Doing your shopping online helps you stick to your shopping list. So, you could save money simply by avoiding those extra temptations as you walk around the aisles.

7. The good old-fashioned money jar

Last but not least is the tried and trusted money jar approach. It may sound old fashioned, but when you start hoarding your loose pennies and pounds, you’ll be amazed how quickly it adds up. Plus, you’ll always have a handy stash for things like parking.

Top tip: Put your jar somewhere to-hand, so it’s easy to drop change in as and when you find it.

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