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Everyday Offers – Frequently asked questions

Everyday Offers is an online service that enables you to receive personalised cashback offers from participating retailers. To be eligible for the scheme you need to be over 18, have a Lloyds Bank current account, have a debit card and/or credit card and be signed up to Internet Banking.

Everyday Offers lets you earn up to 15% cashback on offers which you can activate in your Internet Banking. Better still, you can activate It’s On Us which will enter you into a monthly free draw where you could win back the value of something you have recently bought using your Lloyds Bank debit or credit card up to the value of £500.

Terms & Conditions for Everyday Offers and It’s On Us are covered by the Internet Banking Agreement which can be found here.

Using Everyday Offers

  1. What is Everyday Offers?

    Everyday Offers is a free service from Lloyds Bank offering you cashback on selected purchases when you shop using either your Lloyds Bank debit or credit card, or where specified, set up a Direct Debit. It’s available to Internet and Mobile Banking personal current account customers over the age of 18.

    When you join Everyday Offers you can view and activate your offers and see the cashback you’ve earned.

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  2. Am I eligible for Everyday Offers?

    To be able to register for Everyday Offers you need a Lloyds Bank personal current account with a valid debit or credit card. You also need to be over 18 years old and be registered for Lloyds Bank Internet Banking. Terms and conditions apply.

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  3. How do you select the offers I receive?

    The offers you receive are chosen for you based on the places you have previously shopped at before using your Lloyds Bank debit or credit card, or merchants you have set up a Direct Debit with. You may receive offers for places you have shopped at before or places we think you might like to try.

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  4. How do I register for Everyday Offers?

    To register using your desktop log on to your Internet Banking, click on ‘Get free add-ons’ and select ‘Find out more’.
    To register using your Mobile Banking app log on to the app and select ‘Register for Everyday Offers’ from the app menu.

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  5. How do I earn cashback using an offer?

    For all offers, you need to remain registered for Everyday Offers to get your cashback. There’s no vouchers or coupons to print and you don’t need to show any voucher or discount codes at checkout.

    Debit or credit card offers

    Go to your Everyday Offers hub and click on the offers you wish to use to activate them, then pay using your Lloyds Bank debit or credit card when you next shop there.

    Direct Debit offers

    You will see any Direct Debit offers alongside your other offers either on your Account Overview or the Everyday Offers homepage.

    The text in the offer will indicate that it is a Direct Debit offer.

    To redeem these offers:
    1. Click on an offer to find out more details and to activate it
    2. Sign up for services using the merchant’s normal processes as stated in the offer’s conditions.

    Important Information

    Signing up for subscription services normally requires that you enter into a contract with the service provider. Typically these have a minimum term of between 12 and 24 months.

    You must consider whether you are able to commit to a regular payment for this length of time.

    If you cancel, change or switch your subscription before the end of the minimum term you may be charged early termination or other fees by the merchant.

    If you are signing up to a new supplier you must check with your current supplier whether early termination fees will apply. You must take this into account when deciding whether to sign up to a new service.

    You should contact your service provider(s) directly for details of their specific policies.

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  6. Are there any exclusions or exceptions to where I can use the offer I have activated?

    Some offers may contain certain exclusions but these will be clearly shown in the offers when you click on them.

    Some offers may only be valid in certain geographical locations.

    Exclusions may vary between offers. You can find out if there are any exclusions, exceptions or caps by clicking on the offer you have activated and reading the offer terms.

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  7. Is there a limit on the number of times I can use an offer that I have activated?

    Some offers are only available for use once and others may be multiple use offers. To see how many times you can use an offer you have activated, click on the offer to read the offer terms where you will find this information.

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Getting your cashback

  1. How soon can I see how much cashback I’ve earned?

    You can keep track of the cashback you have earned once you have used an offer by clicking on the ‘My earnings’ tab in your Everyday Offers hub. It can take up to 5 workings days before the cashback you have earned shows as pending.

    Here, you can also see the amount of cashback you have been paid to date and the cashback you have earned over the last 3 months with a breakdown of the qualifying transactions.

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  2. When will you pay me the cashback I’ve earned?

    If you have more than one personal current account with Lloyds Bank, we’ll pay your cashback into the oldest account, however, you can nominate a different Lloyds Bank account to have your cashback paid into.

    You need to remain registered for Everyday Offers to receive your cashback.

    Cashback earned using a debit or credit card

    Cashback will be automatically paid into your account on or before the last working day of the following month. For example, if you made your redeeming transaction in January, your cashback should be paid into your Lloyds Bank personal current account at the end of February.

    Cashback earned for a Direct Debit offer

    Cashback will be paid into your current account on or before the last working day of the month following your second Direct Debit payment.

    Please note:

    If you cancel your new service(s) before your second Direct Debit payment is collected you will not receive any cashback.

    The time it takes for a merchant to set up your Direct Debit may affect the date when we pay your cashback.

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  3. Can I change the Lloyds Bank account I want my cashback paid into?

    If you have more than one Lloyds Bank personal current account, you can select which account you want your cashback earnings paid into by visiting your Everyday Offers hub and selecting the ‘Settings’ tab. Click on ‘Change account’ to select the account you wish your cashback to be paid into.

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  4. I have a joint account. Can I still use Everyday Offers?

    If both parties wish to use Everyday Offers you each have to register for Internet Banking and register for Everyday Offers individually.

    Each customer will then receive their own offers based on their individual spending patterns.

    Note that for Direct Debit offers, if both parties receive and activate the same Direct Debit offer but only one party sets up the relevant subscription service to redeem the offer, the first party to activate the offer will receive the cashback into their nominated account, which may be the joint account or an alternative account.

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  5. Can I earn cashback using my Lloyds Bank credit card?

    You can earn cashback using your credit card as long as you hold an eligible Lloyds Bank personal current account and meet the usual criteria to register for Everyday Offers.

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  6. Can additional card holders generate cashback using my credit card?

    Yes, spending by additional card holders will help generate new offers and earn cashback; however the main cardholder needs to activate offers using their Internet Banking and only the main cardholder will receive the cashback payment into their nominated account.

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  7. What if I have more than one Lloyds Bank personal debit or credit card linked to Everyday Offers?

    Everyday Offers works with all of your Lloyds Bank personal debit or credit cards. All your cards help to generate offers based on the places you shop (excluding transactions on Basic Accounts). Use any of your cards to claim your cashback.

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  8. Is it easy to leave Everyday Offers?

    Yes, you can switch Everyday Offers off (or on) at any time. Go to the Everyday Offers ‘Settings’. Please remember, if you switch it off you will lose any unpaid cashback that’s due to go into your account.

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Problems receiving cashback

  1. I have not received the cashback I was expecting, how can I check whether this is correct?

    There are a few checks you can make to ensure you have received the correct cashback:

    Did you activate the offer?
    Remember, to get cashback you will need to activate your offer in Internet Banking by clicking on it before shopping at the retailer.

    Have you waited 5 working days for the cashback to appear as pending in the ‘My earnings’ tab?
    After you have redeemed an offer, it can take up to 5 working days before the cashback you are due appears as pending.

    Did you redeem the offer before it expired?

    Make sure that you used the offer within the expiry date. If you made the transaction after the offer expired you won’t be eligible for the cashback. You can check the expiry date of your offers by going to the expired offers in your Everyday Offers hub.

    Were there any offer exclusions that applied to the offer that may have resulted in you not receiving the cashback?
    Some offers have exclusions that you need to check before you use them. For example, some offers may be internet only offers and exclude transactions made in stores. You can view offer exclusions by clicking on the offer to see the individual offer terms.

    If your redeeming transaction was made from a joint account, did you use the correct card?
    Remember, to redeem an offer using a joint account you must use the card belonging to the person that activated the offer in their Internet Banking. Find out more information on using joint accounts for Everyday Offers.

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  2. I still have questions about Everyday Offers, can I contact you?

    If you still have questions about the service that have not been answered by the FAQs, then call the Everyday Offers Helpdesk on 0345 606 6406.

    If you're calling from outside the UK or prefer not to use our 0345 number call +44 173 346 2253. If you have a hearing impairment, please use textphone 0345 300 2280 or +44 173 3347 515.

    Lines are open Mon to Fri 8am - 8pm, Sat and Sun 9am - 3pm.

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  3. Are there terms and conditions that are specific to offers I activate?

    Retailers set their own conditions for each of their offers, such as:

    • what the offer relates to, for example, if an offer is available online and in store or just online
    • the amount of cashback being offered
    • the expiry date of the offer
    • any conditions or restrictions on the offer, such as how many times you can use the offer or whether it can’t be used on certain purchases
    • any limits to the amount you can earn from each offer

    When you activate an offer, the offer-specific conditions will appear in a pop up.

    The retailers are responsible for the offers you receive, but we’re responsible for making sure the cashback reaches your account. The terms and conditions for Everyday Offers can be found in the Internet Banking agreement, and details of how we use your information are contained in our Privacy Policy.

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  4. Can offers be withdrawn or changed?

    We try to ensure the information in all offers is accurate. If there are any errors in an offer, we may withdraw or correct it. This won’t affect any offers we’ve already fulfilled.

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Data Protection

  1. What happens to the information you collect about me?

    So that we are able to provide you with relevant offers, we will regularly review the information we have about you. This helps us work out which offers you are eligible for and which are likely to be of interest to you.

    You may notice that some of the offers we send you are for places where you regularly shop or are local to your home or work. That's because some of the offers may be based on the location of places you have shopped at in the past, or the area you live in. Unless we have your express permission to do so, Everyday Offers will not use your mobile phone location data.

    For full information on how the bank uses information about you, please see our Privacy Policy and check your marketing preferences in Internet Banking.

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  2. Will you share my data with anyone if I join Everyday Offers?

    We will not share your personal information with any retailers or merchants, however to provide you with Everyday Offers we do share data with certain trusted third parties under strict controls and conditions. This allows us to identify and provide you with your tailored offers. Your information is always secure and only used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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It's On Us

  1. What is It’s On Us?

    It’s On Us is our way of saying thank you for banking with us. Every week we randomly select 1,000 eligible debit and credit card transactions of up to £500 to pay back customers for something they have bought.

    Direct Debit transactions are not currently included in the It’s On Us prize draw.

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  2. How do I activate It’s On Us?

    To activate It’s On Us make sure you are registered for Everyday Offers Once you have registered for Everyday Offers, click on It’s On Us in the ‘Your Offers’ tab to activate. Terms and conditions apply.

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  3. How will I know if I have won an It’s On Us?

    If any of your transactions are selected, we’ll usually notify you within 3–14 days of the day you made the relevant transaction.

    We may contact you through your Internet Banking, email or using a push notification if you are registered for the service.

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  4. How will I receive my It’s On Us payment if I win?

    We will make the payment straight into your nominated current account on or before the last working day of the following month. If the qualifying transaction that was selected was for an amount less than £5, we will round up the value and pay £5 into your current account.

    If you have not nominated an account to receive the cashback we will pay this into your oldest Lloyds Bank personal current account.

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  5. What happens to It’s On Us if I switch off Everyday Offers?

    If you switch off Everyday Offers you’ll no longer be eligible for any offers, including It’s On Us, meaning you’ll no longer have the chance to win the value of one of your purchases on us.

    You will also lose out on any cashback that hasn’t already been paid into your account so it’s best to wait until we pay the cashback into your account before switching off Everyday Offers.

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