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A simpler way to make payments

With Mobile Banking you can:

  • Make up to a total of £25,000 in payments everyday. If you want to send more, just visit any UK branch.
  • Manage your Direct Debits and Standing Orders
  • Send money safely and instantly

Types of payments

When you pay online, you can choose from several types of payments. A Faster Payment usually sends money immediately, although it can sometimes take up to two hours. Standing Orders enable you to set up a recurring payment on a specific day and frequency. Direct Debits let a person or company request money from your account.

When you make a UK payment online, it will go through the Faster Payments Service if it falls within our daily total limit for online payments of £25,000 and the receiving sort code is able to receive Faster Payments. Faster Payments can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and sent immediately or set up for the future.

If you want to send more, visit any UK branch with valid identification and staff can help you send up to £100,000 using the Faster Payment Service. If you need to send more than £100,000 on the same day, you can through CHAPS (CHAPS costs £30 per payment). Or, you can write a cheque to make a payment.

You can also transfer money between your Lloyds accounts instantly, Pay a Contact, pay in a cheque using the app and buy Travel Money online.

Sending money abroad? Find out all about sending money outside the UK or in a foreign currency.

Payments FAQs>

Direct Debits let a company take money from your account, for example to pay a gas bill. Standing Orders let you send a set amount of money on a regular basis, for example to a savings account.

Standing Orders

You can set up standing orders easily through Internet Banking.

Step 1: Get started

To get started select ‘Payments & transfers’ on the account you want to move money from.

Step 2: Choose when to pay

Once you have selected who you are sending money to, use the ‘Repeat Payment (make this a standing order)’ button and select when and for how long you would like to make the payment for.

 Step 3: Check and Set up

It’s easy to check everything’s correct before confirming the payment.

When you see ‘Success’ you know your payment has been sent and the standing order has been set up.

You will be able to view, add, change or delete any of your standing orders whenever you want through Manage transactions in your internet banking.

If you need some help with setting up standing orders, just call us on 0345 602 1997.

Direct Debits

A Direct Debit is a method of payment where you give a company permission to withdraw money from your account and pay it into their account. Many companies offer a discount or special terms for customers who choose to pay in this way, making it an ideal method for paying utility bills such as electricity. Only companies can be paid using this method, not individuals.

Managing your Direct Debits

Monitor your outgoings when you keep track of your Direct Debits online. You can:

  • see all your Direct Debits including when they were last paid and their frequency.
  • cancel your Direct Debits – although it’s always worth contacting the company you’re paying to confirm the cancellation, so no payments are taken by mistake (especially if you’re still receiving services from them).

You can’t set up Direct Debits to other companies online – that needs to be done by the company you are paying. If you want to set up a Direct Debit to your Lloyds Credit Card Account just go to the Ways to pay tab on your Credit Card Account in Internet Banking on the ‘your accounts’ page.

Your Direct Debits are covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

Important information about Standing Orders and Future Dated Payments

This information applies to the following payment types; Standing Orders, Direct Debits, Cheques and Future Dated Payments.

We make payments from your account shortly after midnight at the start of the due date. If your payment date falls on a non-working day, then we will try to collect your payment the next working day.

If you don’t have enough funds in your account at this point to make a payment, we will try to make a payment again after 2.30pm the same day. This gives you the chance to put extra funds into your account so that we can make the payment. The money needs to be available to use straight away, so you could transfer money from another personal account you have with us via Internet, Mobile or Telephone Banking or pay in cash over the counter in branch.

If you do not have enough funds at the beginning of a day to make a payment:

You have until 2.30pm to pay money into your account to make the payment that day

If a payment takes you overdrawn, you have until midnight to pay money into your account to avoid a daily overdraft fee for that day.

For Standing Orders and Future Dated Payments only

If there are still not enough available funds, we will make a final try on the next working day before rejecting the payment. Details of our fees and charges can be found in the Banking Charges guide.

Faster Payments usually arrive within 2 hours, but can take until the end of the next working day. Direct Debits and Standing Orders will be collected shortly after midnight on the due date.

How much can I send?

Faster payments

Online: up to £25,000 per day

In branch: up to £100,000 per day

Telephone: up to £10,000 per day


At an ATM: up to £500 per day

In branch: no limits, but please order in advance for large amounts.

If you need to move money, it’s safer to do it by Faster Payment or CHAPS.


Online: no limits

In branch: no limits

Standing Orders

Online: up to £25,000 per day

In branch: up to £100,000 per day

*Updates and new Standing Orders included


In branch: no limits

Pay a Contact

In app: up to £300 per day

Debit card

Everywhere: up to £60,000 per day


Per transaction: £30

Total: £150 per day

Apple Pay

£250 per day

Google Pay

£100 per day

We will always have lower limits when you call us.

 With Faster Payments you can send up to £25,000* online, £100,000 in branch or £10,000 by calling us every day. Each day runs:

1.             12pm Sunday to 9.59pm Monday

2.             10pm Monday to 9.59pm Tuesday

3.             10pm Tuesday to 9.59pm Wednesday

4.             10pm Wednesday to 9.59pm Thursday

5.             10pm Thursday to 9.59pm Friday

6.             10pm Friday to 11.59am Sunday

*The payment limit for Under 19s account customers is £500.

 For Bank Holidays, the limit will begin at 10pm the working day before and finish at 9.59pm the working day after.

 Your payment limit amount includes bill payments, payments to individuals and new standing orders or any increases to existing Standing Orders. Payments you set up today are counted towards your daily limit for today. So if you set up a standing order for next week, it will count towards today's limit.

Useful information

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Make payments with confidence

At Lloyds Bank we know you want to use Internet Banking without constantly worrying about security. We take your online security seriously and use state of the art anti-fraud systems to spot unusual activity. We also give you peace of mind with our Online Fraud Guarantee.

Find out more about how we protect you

Further help

If you can't find the help you need or are still having issues with Internet Banking, visit our help and guidance pages.

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