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Money Manager - video transcript

With all those bills, direct debits and purchases, keeping track of your money every month can be hard. Money Manager from Lloyds Bank, is a new, free way to show how much your spending and on what.

It helps you keep control of your spending so you can see where you could save a little here and there.

And, by seeing how you can manage your money better it's easier to start saving for what you really want.

So, cancelling that monthly gym membership you never use, could pay for your very own fitness equipment at home. And spending less on lunch-time sandwiches in the week, could pay for a special meal on your anniversary.

We've made it easy for you to see where your money is going to help you stay in control.

Find out more about Money Manager and get to know your money better today at

This archive commercial is no longer being broadcast. Interest rates and other financial information may no longer apply.

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