It’s estimated that by 2020, mobile device usage in managing personal accounts will triple. It’s clear that smartphones are revolutionising banking and that’s why our Mobile Banking app has been designed to enable you to manage your money, access your account information and perform everyday banking tasks easily and securely.

As a result, we’re proud to be the top-ranked mobile banking app* for functionality in the UK. Whether you’ve never tried mobile banking, or already use the app, there are some features that might surprise you.

* Forrester’s assessment of Lloyds Bank app, 2016 UK Mobile Banking Functionality Benchmark.

Did you know?

We give you the freedom to bank wherever, whenever

Using our Mobile Banking app, you can easily complete your day-to-day banking anytime, anywhere. Even on the go.

You can do more than just check your balance. Past transactions can be seen in detail simply by tapping on the transaction within the app, helping you recognise the payment.

You can transfer money easily and securely (in as little as three taps), as well as update your details.

You can even manage your Direct Debits and set up standing orders, such as your rent, by tapping on the account actions button and selecting from the menu.

And there are plenty of short cuts, such as the ability to pay someone via the app using just their mobile number. Splitting dinner bills has never been easier.

Harnessing the latest technology, the Lloyds Bank Mobile  app also enables you to log on quickly and easily to your account. Our Touch ID logon means iPhone users can securely log onto their account in seconds without entering any additional information.

Infographic: 2.5m log ons per day

Lloyds Bank receives over 2.5m logons per day. 75% of these are from a mobile or tablet.

Losing your wallet is most likely to happen at 6pm on a Saturday

Even if your day isn’t going to plan, the Lloyds Bank Mobile app will give you the support you need. You can use the app to cancel a lost card and request a new one. If you’ve forgotten your PIN, we’ve made it easy to order a new one. And if you ever lose your phone, you can block your app by contacting us and letting us know.

Infographic: Secure your pin code

You need to make your PIN difficult for someone else to guess. There are some common PIN codes you should never use:

  • 1234 (10%)
  • 1111 (6%)
  • 0000 (2%)

Based on a UK based on a 2013 study (You'll leave the Lloyds site).

We keep your details and account safe every day

The app has a range of measures to keep your details safe. Our encryption technology keeps your banking information safe on your phone, at the bank, and everywhere in between - even when using public WiFi. We use advanced systems to control access to your accounts and monitor how they are used as well as detecting – and notifying you – of any suspicious activity. Before you even log on, the app checks your details, device and security – ensuring your private information is kept safe.

Join the thousands who have already downloaded the Lloyds Bank Mobile app and enjoy the ease of banking anywhere, anytime.

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Please note: Our app works on iPhones and Android devices running a recent version of the operating system. The app doesn’t work on some older versions of the operating system, so please check your app store for details. The app also doesn’t work on jailbroken or rooted devices, or on Intel-based Android phones.

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We use the latest security measures to make your Lloyds Bank online banking experience as safe as possible.

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