Send a payment

Make payments outside the UK or in foreign currencies. Our guide explains how to do this online.

We won't charge a fee if you make a payment from your Lloyds Bank account in euros.

The fee for all other currencies is £9.50, where charged.

Send a payment

Receive a payment

Find out what you need to know if somebody is sending you money from overseas.

Also find out what to do if you have a cheque in a foreign currency.

Receive a payment

Keeping safe

Please make sure you’re only sending money to someone you know and trust. 

If you pay directly to a bank account and it’s a scam, it’s very hard for you to get your money back. 

If you’re buying online, pay by debit or credit card instead if you can. It can help protect your money if anything goes wrong.

Find out how to keep your money safe

Payments to Ukraine

We’ll refund our £9.50 fee for payments sent to Ukraine. Please allow a few days for this to be paid back into your account.

Manage multiple currencies

If you manage your money in multiple currencies, Lloyds Bank may have an International Current Account to suit your needs.

Send regular payments

If you need to send regular payments to the EEA from your current account in euro, SEPA Direct Debit may be an option for you.

More payments help

You can make many types of payment on your phone or in your internet browser.

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