Open Banking

See your accounts with different banks in our Mobile Banking app. 

With Open Banking, you can:

  • safely share information with other banks or third-party companies
  • see and manage accounts you hold with different banks, in one place
  • take control over your banking data.

Learn more about Open Banking and service providers

Steps to take

We’ll guide you through it.

  • 1. Choose Settings

    Log on to our app and select the Profile and settings icon in the top right-hand corner of the app. Choose Settings.

    2. Connected accounts

    Scroll down to Other feature settings and choose Open Banking connected accounts.

    3. Current connections

    You'll see a list of connected accounts from different banks. Select Manage connection to view an active account.

    We'll ask if you're still okay for us to access your shared data every 90 days.

1. Go to Open Banking

First you will need to log on to our app.

From the Home screen, scroll down and choose Add your accounts.

2. Select account provider

You’ll see a list of account providers. Select the one you want to connect to.

We will then transfer you, so that you can log on safely and choose the account you want to add.

3. Account connection

Your logon details for your other bank will never be shared with Lloyds Bank. Select the Data Privacy Notice, then press Confirm to finish.

Next time you log on, you’ll see your accounts on your Home screen.

Getting started in our app

Mobile Banking app

Join our 8 million app users.

  • Simple and secure log on.
  • Stay up to date with notification.
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More about our app

QR code to download our Mobile Banking app

Mobile Banking app

Join our 8 million app users.

  • Simple and secure log on.
  • Stay up to date with notification.
  • Message us online.

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More about our app

Let’s look at the details

  • We provide an account information and a payment initiation service for other Open Banking providers. It is now easier to:

    • Make payments.
    • Make internal account transfers.
    • Make balance and money transfers.
    • View your other bank accounts.

    We also provide data and payment services as well. For example you can view balances and transactions, and even pay a credit card.

  • It will always be up to you if you want to make a payment or share data with an Open Banking service. That means you don’t need to opt in or out. You choose which services you want to share data with, and nothing is shared with services you haven’t signed up for.

    Protecting your data as well as your money

    Security is a priority for us, and we’ve made it just as safe to use Open Banking as the other ways you bank with us.

    • Only you can choose to share your data or make a payment.
    • You can stop sharing data at any time in Internet Banking.
    • Your payments are protected in exactly the same way as when you use Internet Banking.

    You should still be just as careful as with any other online service. Read the details of everything you sign up for, and make sure you understand exactly what data you’re sharing and how it will be used. Check your statements regularly and contact us if you’re unsure about anything you see on them. Find out more about protecting yourself from fraud.  To understand how the personal data you give us will be used, please read our Data Privacy Notice. The terms and conditions for this service can be found in our Internet Banking agreement.

  • Whenever you use an Open Banking service, we'll transfer you to our secure website so we can make sure it’s you. Always check the web address has the ‘s’ in ‘https://’ and it ends with ‘’.

    We'll never share your logon details with anyone, or contact you by phone or email asking for them. We would never ask you to transfer money into a ‘safe’ account either. If you receive unusual phone calls or emails, or have concerns about any other suspicious activity, please contact us right away.

  • When you set up sharing, you’ll be able to see exactly what information is included before you agree to it.

    You can check what data you’ve already agreed to share by viewing your data sharing settings in Internet Banking. Look for ‘Data sharing settings’ under ‘Your profile’ once you’ve logged on.

    We’ll protect your data the same way we do for your Lloyds Bank accounts. A safe connection is used to share data. 

  • You can stop sharing data at any time. We'll ask every 90 days, to confirm you’re OK with us accessing your shared data to keep you safe.

    If you’ve shared data by giving someone your logon details, you won’t be able to cancel it in Internet Banking. The other website/app (account provider) should always have an option to stop sharing. This type of sharing will also stop automatically if you change your Internet Banking password.

  • Please read our Terms and Conditions and Data Privacy Notice to understand how we will use your personal data. You can also contact us for more information about how we’re using the data you share with us.

    When you share data with another company, it’s their responsibility to store and use it safely. Please read their privacy policy and make sure you understand what they’ll do with your data.

    After you stop sharing data, they might keep a record of what you’ve shared in the past. You’ll need to contact them to check if they do this.

  • You can share your account data for most of the major UK banks including Monzo, Natwest and Starling. This includes Current Accounts, and some Savings Accounts and credit cards. Don't worry if you don't see your account provider, more are signing up to Open Banking all the time.

  • Load times can vary between banks. Sometimes you may need to log back in to view your added account. We will keep you updated throughout the account adding process. Transactions will appear as soon as possible but may take up to 2 hours.

  • Your payments are safe the same way as in Internet Banking.

    We’ll continue to protect your account, but we won’t be able to sort out any issues you have with a retailer. Contact them if there’s an issue with any goods or services you’ve bought.

  • All companies involved in Open Banking need to register with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or another European regulator. That means they are responsible and accountable for how they use your data and handle payments. You can check that a UK company is registered for data sharing and payments on the FCA website.

    If you’re not sure how someone is using your data, you should talk to them first. If they can’t help you, contact us, and we’ll try to resolve the issue.

  • You’ll need to contact your other bank about anything to do with the account you hold with them. You can contact us for more information if you are not sure about who to talk to. 

You're in control

It’s up to you whether you use any of the services made possible by Open Banking. You can still keep banking with us the way you do now. There’s no need to opt out of anything. We will never share your data unless you choose to share it.

Whenever you do share data with someone, it will only be the data you’ve agreed to share, and you can cancel at any time. We’ll also use the latest security and industry measures to keep your banking details safe. The same way we do for your bank accounts.

Lloyds Bank Fraud Centre

Our privacy notice

Internet Banking agreement

FCA registered providers

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