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What is the key to feeling wealthy?

In a recent UK-wide Lloyds Bank survey just 2% of interviewees considered themselves as ‘wealthy’ and a further 37% said they felt ‘comfortable’. However, while the average salary of the 2% was over £60,000, what the majority felt was the key to feeling ‘wealthy’ was a lot closer to home.

59% of people surveyed aid spending time with family
23% said their expected level of income in the next few years
22% said spending time with friends
19% said their expect level of income at retirement
19% said job security
15% said building a nest egg of savings
13% said managing level of debt
13% said annual holidays
9% said career prospects
5% said owning a nice car
4% said moving up the housing ladder

Those surveryed were asked "How would you rank the following aspects of your life in terms of their importance to you, relative to each other?"

Important = Rank 1 or 2 out of 11. Not important = Rank 10 or 11 out of 11 statements.

Sample: 2508 interviews (approx. 200 in each uk standard region), interviews conducted between 4-17th May 2016.

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