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Is UK property an attractive proposition?

For those looking to expand their investment portfolio, property can be an attractive option. Tom Bill, Head of London Residential Research, Knight Frank, offers his insight into the UK property market.

A current view of the property market - Video 1

In this animated video we look at different aspects of property investment, including recent house prices, the buy-to-let-market and buying property abroad.

London rental markets - Video 2

How has the central London rental market performed compared to the UK economy?

Residential property London - Video 3

How has residential property in London preformed as an asset class over the past 12 months?

UK customer property drive - Video 4

What is driving UK customers back to the super prime ten million pounds plus market?

Potential opportunities UK - Video 5

Where in the UK are property investors looking for the next potential opportunity?

Richard Anderson - Video 6

The outlook for the central London property market over the next five years.