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A Distinct Investment Philosophy

Before you invest in one of our discretionary portfolios, we want to ensure that you are aware of the principles that guide our approach to managing your investments.  Our investment philosophy is built on five guiding principles that inform and underpin every investment decision we make on your behalf.

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Risk and reward

We believe that any return you expect to receive as an investor should match the degree of risk taken to achieve it. We’ll work with you to determine the level of risk and reward that is right for you.

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Long-term strategy

We believe in investing for the longer term as we see greater potential to maintain the value of your capital and to achieve real growth in the value of your portfolio for the level of risk taken.

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A single asset class rarely outperforms consistently, so we believe portfolios should be spread across multiple asset classes, fund managers, strategies, and even geographies and markets.

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Using specialist managers

No one manager can deliver the best outcome every time so we believe in a multi-manager approach. We choose managers in each asset class and geography to ensure we access the right knowledge and expertise at the right time.

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Fine-tuning the asset blend

We believe in proactive management, using our tactical expertise to adapt your portfolio with the aim of benefiting from potential opportunities to generate extra returns.

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Important information

The value of investments and the income from them may fall as well as rise and cannot be guaranteed. Investors may not receive back the full amount originally invested.

For access to advice from a Private Banking and Advice Manager, you’ll need at least £250,000 in savings, investments and/or personal pensions and/or a sole annual income of at least £250,000.
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