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Flip chart - Long-term Strategy

Long-term strategy

By taking a longer-term view, we aim to achieve real growth in your investments over time.

We believe that building wealth requires taking a longer-term view. By investing over an extended period we see greater potential to maintain the value of your capital and achieve real growth in the value of your portfolio, with less potential risk.

Setting your portfolio’s long-term strategy

In a perfect world, your investment portfolio would expose your money to a consistent level of risk, and earn predictable returns in all market conditions, year after year.

How close your portfolio can get to this ideal depends on the exact blend of assets it contains. So the process of deciding on this blend, known as the strategic asset allocation, is crucial to your investment’s long-term performance.

How strategic asset allocation works

Asset allocation aims to balance risk and reward by adjusting the percentage of each asset in your portfolio according to your risk tolerance, goals and investment time frame. For example, if maintaining the value of your capital is important to you, we might include more lower risk asset classes like bonds and fewer of the riskier types of assets like equities.

By following a long-term investment approach we aim to avoid the worst effects of short-term volatility in the financial markets, using our expertise to bring you closer to achieving your objectives.

Important information

The value of investments and the income from them may fall as well as rise and cannot be guaranteed. Investors may not receive back the full amount originally invested.

For access to advice from a Private Banking and Advice Manager, you’ll need at least £250,000 in savings, investments and/or personal pensions and/or a sole annual income of at least £250,000.
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Long-term strategy

Listen to Markus Stadlmann, Chief Investment Officer discussing his views on long term strategy.

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Long Term Strategy

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