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Professional service,  when you need it

At Lloyds Bank Private Banking, we aim to build deep, lasting relationships which help you realise your financial ambitions.

Supported by a team of experts, and with access to an extensive range of specialist wealth planning services, your Private Banking and Advice Manager can help you shape your financial plans in a way that aims to nurture and protect your wealth.

Getting started

To begin, we’ll have an in-depth discussion about your current circumstances and your plans for the future. This helps us identify the right strategic approach for your wealth management.

We’ll work together to consider the different ways you could achieve your overall objectives. With the help of our specialist advisers, where required, we’ll guide you on the most appropriate way forward and map out a detailed financial plan.

Turning plans into action

Once you’re comfortable with your strategy, we’ll look at ways we can help you turn it into reality. And, if your plan requires more specialist experience, we’ll draw on the talents of financial experts from across and outside our business.

Fine tuning

In the future, you may find there are new factors or significant changes that need to be taken into account.

  • When life takes unexpected turns
  • When your goals change
  • When the world changes
  • When you need an outside opinion
  • When you want advice you can trust

At any point that you feel you would like to adjust your plans, our Private Banking and Advice Managers are available to review your financial strategy with you and help you make the necessary adjustments, where possible.

Professional financial advisers

Our Lloyds Bank advisers hold a Statement of Professional Standing with a recognised professional body, giving you the reassurance that they have obtained and adhere to industry-recognised professional, educational and ethical standards.

Our recommendations will be based on our understanding of your personal circumstances and plans at the time that we provide you advice. We recognise that financial advice may not be for everyone, so before you commit to any charges we will ensure you understand the basis of our service and the level of costs that will apply. You can find out more about our advice fees in the Eligibility and fees section and details of the professional standards we adhere to at

Is Private Banking for me

Before any services or products are provided to you we will explain what advice we can give and what products and services this covers, and any advice or product charges that apply and agree these with you.


Book an appointment

Get in touch with one of our Private Banking and Advice Managers.

No charges for the initial meeting to discuss your individual circumstances and objectives.

No obligation to take any of our services or products.



Speak to us

You can call us to arrange an appointment or ask a question.

Lines are open Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 (Tuesday and Thursday until 19:00) and Saturday from 09:00 to 13:00. Excluding Bank Holidays. Call cost may vary depending on your service provider.