Accessing your savings during the coronavirus pandemic

How we are helping customers with fixed term accounts

As the impact of coronavirus is felt across the UK, you may be worried about how it could affect you and your savings. To support you, we will waive withdrawal charges if you need access to your savings held in a fixed term account.
To access your savings, please call us. We will need to close your account and transfer all the funds to a different account.

This applies to all fixed term accounts, except our:

  • Fixed Rate ISA. You can withdraw some funds without needing to close the account. To access some of your funds, please visit your nearest branch.
  • Junior Cash ISA. The money in the account belongs to the child and cannot be accessed until they turn 18.
  • Lend a Hand Fixed Savings Account. Money in the account cannot be accessed whilst is it being held as security against a Lend a Hand mortgage.

For Channel Islands or Isle of Man customers, please visit our Lloyds Bank Islands website.