Understand how savings and investments could work together to help you. 

Saving is where you put your money in a savings account that is either flexible and accessible or fixed for a set time. Savings accounts usually offer predictable interest rates, which makes it easier to plan the amount you’ll need available. It is helpful for short-term goals, such as anything within the next 5 years. A holiday or a wedding are good examples. 

Investing is when you put your money in things like stocks, bonds, shares and funds. The returns from investing can be much higher than saving. However, there is also a risk of low or no returns. The longer you invest, the more likely a better return. For this reason, it’s best suited for long-term financial goals of 5 years or more. Good examples could be saving up for a house deposit or investing in a pension that matures in 10 years.

Saving, investing or a combination of both, could be useful ways to help you manage your finances to help achieve your goals. 

Why save?

Cash savings are a great way to provide financial security. Savings can help with both your short and long-term financial goals, and building an emergency fund for any unexpected expenses. 

Consider saving if you:

  • want easy access to your money for a specific short-term goal. 
  • have an income but no emergency fund or safety net. 
  • want a steady rate of interest and secure growth.

Whatever it is you want to save for, you’ll find we have an account for that. Choose from our range of instant access, fixed term and cash ISA accounts. Explore your options today. 


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Why invest?

Investing is a great way of making your money work harder for the future, especially during periods of high inflation. Generally speaking, money invested over the long-term can provide higher returns than savings accounts, depending on interest rates and levels of risk. 

Consider investing if you:

  • want the chance of receiving a higher return than you’d get by putting your money into a savings account. 
  • are willing to accept an element of risk to your money. 
  • want to invest for the medium to long-term (at least 5 to 10 years). 

Whether you want to pick your own investments or leave it to the experts, we can help. 

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