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Saving for children

Help your children grow up to be savvy savers

Children need no lessons on how to spend money, but they can learn how to save it.

At a glance - saving for children

  • Start teaching your children how to save from an early age
  • Teach your children the value of money by giving them pocket money
  • Encourage your children to start saving with an under-16s Savings account or under-19s Bank account.

Start early

Good saving habits introduced early will last your children a lifetime.

Teach budgeting

Getting pocket money can help start children on the road to understanding the value of money. It teaches them whether to spend it all straight away or save up for something special by putting something away regularly.

Useful guides

We have a range of savings guidance to help you.

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Children's savings accounts

We have a range of children’s savings accounts to suit your needs.

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