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Helpful savings tools and tips

Knowing the tips and tools to help you save, gets you closer to your goals quicker.

Organise your money with Money Manager

Stay on top of your personal current accounts and credit cards with Money Manager, our free Internet Banking service.

You can set up saving and spending goals, check upcoming bills, see spending analysis and more.

Save the Change®

Have a Lloyds debit card? You can save the difference to the nearest pound when you spend with it.

For example, spend £1.80 and 20p would be transferred to your qualifying savings account.

Its so easy, you could save without noticing.

Set up regular payments

Want to save the same amount regularly, for example £20 every month or every week? There would be no need to remind yourself if you set up a standing order.

This payment can be easily set up and cancelled when you want through Internet Banking.

Taking the first steps

  1. Create a budget

    Where is your money going? Find out and you can see where you can make cutbacks and move more money to your savings. You could try our budgeting tool.
  2. Set targets

    Give yourself targets for the most you want to spend in different areas such as transport, food, rent, bills and entertainment.
  3. Save regularly

    Set up a standing order to move money to your savings account as soon as you get paid. And don't forget, if your income increases, increase the amount you save. You would save more without noticing.
Watch this video to find out how to make saving for a rainy day easier.

More savings tips

  • Try set aside at least three months' salary in case of difficulties.
  • Separate your savings into different accounts. You can rename our savings accounts on Internet Banking.
  • Look for better deals on your energy, home insurance and car insurance on comparison websites.
  • Start long-term savings as soon as you can. Speak to your employer about possible pension schemes to join.
  • If you get some unexpected money, think about putting some of it into your savings.

We're here to help

If you'd like face-to-face guidance, you can book a personal review in branch to check you're making the most of your money.

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