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Our approach to order execution

We always ensure that we get you the best deal possible when executing your orders. We factor in a number of criteria, including; price; speed; likelihood of execution; likelihood of settlement; costs; size; plus other factors that are relevant to the deal.

We consider price and speed as the two primary factors, when we execute your orders.

We publish a report every year showing execution quality data for each type of instrument we offer. Our report for 2018 can be found below:

2018 Execution Quality ReportPDF opens in a new browser window

Key information within our reports

We treat all our customers in the same way; as retail clients. This gives you the most enhanced regulatory protection.

We place all International Equity and Exchange Traded Product trades with Banca IMI. We are charged by them for offering this service to you. (This is not reflected in the price we charge you for trading on International Markets).

For information on our policy that outlines how we execute your orders, please see the current Order Execution PolicyPDF opens in a new browser window.

How did we perform for you in 2018?

For UK Equities, UK Exchange Traded Products, and Fixed Income Trading 98.51% of trades achieved the London Stock Exchange touch price or better at the time of execution.

The remaining 1.49% of trades achieved a price equal to or better than the market price achievable for the size of the transaction, or were executed to client specific instructions, with all orders dealt in accordance with our Order Execution Policy.

We review our execution performance and arrangements to ensure we continue to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

If you are interested in more information about how we achieve this for different types of assets, the 2018 report above will provide the most up-to-date execution data along with, what we do if issues with your deal occur and how this is remedied.

In terms of the counterparties, we execute your trades with; we have no favourable relationships or soft commission arrangements in place and operate strictly according to the factors outlined above.

We have also published a 2017 Execution Quality ReportPDF opens in a new browser window.