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Why choose us?

There are plenty of reasons to choose Lloyds Bank Share Dealing.

Share dealing that is easy to manage

We’ve designed a share dealing service that is simple to use and easy to manage. You can buy and sell shares or funds easily online or by phone, move money between funds and track your investments at any time.

Getting started is straightforward

You can open a Share Dealing Account or Share Dealing ISA within minutes and start trading straight away.

Plenty of choice

You can buy and sell UK and international shares or take your pick from a range of over 3,000 funds. We’ve also negotiated discounted initial charges on many of the funds we offer.

Practical guidance

Our online guides, investment tools and market research are designed to help you make more informed decisions.

Clear and simple language

We use straightforward, jargon-free language and explain our products in a way that people can easily follow. Our rates and fees are competitive and uncomplicated.

Savings on your investments

We have negotiated initial charges of only 0.5% with most fund managers and some are even offered at 0%. As many funds usually have a 5% charge, this is a great saving.

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New to share dealing

If you’re new to share dealing, our guide will highlight a number of things you may want to consider before investing.

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Fund Supermarket

  • Over 2,000 funds covering all sectors of the market
  • Filter, sort and compare funds from a wide range of providers
  • Ideal for more confident investors

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