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Changes to the Lloyds Bank Direct Investments terms and conditions

We have set out below a summary of the changes we’re making to our terms and conditions. These changes will take effect on 6th April 2016.

Summary of changes for the Lloyds Bank Share Dealing Account and Share Dealing ISA:

Condition Description
4 – The service and your account We've made it clearer that in some circumstances we may be unable to trade in a specific equity or asset.
5 – Opening an account Clarity that a minimum initial subscription is required for each new account.
7 – Funding and withdrawing There is now a limit on the amount you can fund your account via a debit card, in a single transaction, of £100,000. To make payments of more than £100,000 please contact our Customer Services Team.
10 – Holding investments and cash in your account We've amended clause 10.21 to explain more fully what our obligations are when there has been no movement in client money in your account for a period of at least 6 years.
15 – Complaints and compensation We've provided additional contact details for the Financial Ombudsman Service and our Customer Services Team. We have also updated this section to explain how you can resolve online disputes in a quick, low-cost and simple way.
17 – Our liability, governing law, regulation and tax reporting A new section ‘Tax reporting and withholding for customers subject to the tax regime of certain other countries (including the USA)’ detailing information, documents or certifications about your identity we may require from you for tax reporting. Also, how we may be required by legislation to report this to the tax authorities in the UK and other countries (including the USA).
22 – Supplementary Conditions for ISAs Additional clause added detailing when your spouse or civil partner can take up your ISA allowance.
Phone Numbers Phone numbers updated to now begin 0345.

View the new terms and conditions applicable from 6 April 2016New terms and conditions applicable from 6th April 2016 (PDF, opens in a new window)

Current terms and conditionsTerms and Conditions PDF (opens in a new window)