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Simple steps for a stress-free holiday


Sun, sand, surf or safari… whatever kind of holiday you choose there’s one thing you’ll want to leave far behind – stress.

From combatting villa fraud to navigating local pricing policies, travel journalist and broadcaster Simon Calder shares his top tips to help you travel with confidence, wherever you go.

Prep for a stress-free trip

How to pack the perfect holiday wallet – and the simple, often overlooked, check that could save your holiday.

"Make sure your bank knows that you're travelling so there are no unexpected hiccups when you use your cards abroad."


Stay safe, stay secure

Using credit cards to book a holiday isn’t the only way to protect yourself from fraudsters. Here’s how to protect yourself from popular scams and ensure your dream holiday home isn’t a nightmare. 


"If someone asks you to pay by bank transfer, be very wary because it's the equivalent of just handing over cash."


5 ways to go off the beaten track, on a budget

The hottest destinations for a rich experience at a low price – and cost-cutting tips to help stretch your travel budget.

"There are no longer any roaming charges for UK mobiles within the European Union.  Outside the EU though, roaming charges can still be astronomical."


Ready to go? 5 Ss to keep your travel plans on track:

1. Set up an alert with your bank. We're always on the lookout for suspicious activity on your cards,  so let us know you'll be spending overseas.

2. Share your plans and contact details. Make sure a friend or relative knows where you're going and can reach you in an emergency.

3. Save important numbers, such as the number to report lost or stolen bank cards.

4. Scan or photocopy important documents: passport, insurance and driving license, for example.

5. Streamline your wallet of non-essentials. Ideally take just two cards – one for everyday use, one for emergencies – and keep them separate.