Switch off automatic renewal

To set your policy to cancel at renewal, we just need a few details to help us find your policy.

Details about you

The policyholder's first name
The policyholder's last name
The policyholder’s date of birth. For example, 31 07 1980

Please tell us the address of the insured property.

In case we need to call you about your request
In case we need to contact you about your request
This is 3 letters followed by 9 numbers. For example, HBP123456789
The joint policyholder’s first name
The joint policyholder’s last name

That's all we need

When you submit this form, we’ll set your policy to cancel at renewal. We'll still send details of your renewal and new price. To stay covered, you’ll need to call us to renew your policy or take out a new one elsewhere.


Cancel my policy at renewal

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