Join your meeting

Please read the important information below before selecting the 'Join the meeting' button.

We would never ask for your full account, card or log on details, memorable information, passwords or PIN numbers, or ask you to transfer money out of your account.

Meeting number

Make a note of the meeting number in your invitation email as you’ll need it to join the meeting.

Before you start

If we’ve asked for documentation make sure you have it with you. This may be some form of identification, details of your employment status, or bank statements. Details of what we might require will be in your invitation email.

Ensure you have:

  • a laptop or desktop PC
  • webcam, microphone and speakers
  • a good quality broadband connection
  • somewhere private where you will be comfortable talking.

To begin your video interview:

  • click on the ‘Join the meeting’ button below
  • on the next screen , after entering your meeting number click the ‘Join’ button
  • click on the ‘Video Camera’ icon to connect your video
  • click the ‘Call Using Computer’ icon to connect your audio.

Please note: when you select ‘Join the meeting’ you will be taken to a trusted third party website acting on our behalf.

ClockOur colleague can tell you how long they expect the meeting to lastJoin the meeting

If you experience any problems joining your meeting please contact your Lloyds Bank representative by replying to your meeting invite email.