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Simplifying your branch experience

We want to save you time and make sure your transactions with us are as simple and efficient as possible. To support this we will encourage you to do the following but if you are unclear on any of the options below, just ask a member of staff. All other processes will remain unaffected.

Saving you time

  • Cardless Immediate Deposit Machines (IDM)
    We will encourage the use of our new Cardless Immediate Deposit Machines, which allow you to make deposits of up to 50 notes and 5 cheques without a physical card present. You can use this instead of the Depositpoint or Deferred Checking and receive immediate credit of funds, for piece of mind a receipt is provided.
  • Deferred Checking
    For deposits with less than 10 bags of coins, we will encourage you to use Deferred Checking to avoid lengthy queue times. We will provide you with a deferred checking bag. The tear off slip from the bag, with it’s unique number, provides you with an acknowledgment of acceptance of the bag.
  • Third party deposits
    Third party customers that are not necessarily the account holder but an associated third party, e.g. employee or tenant can deposit funds to your account. We will encourage them to use the Cardless IDM or Depositpoint to make the process quicker and avoid them having to queue at the counter.

Things to consider

Payments and Timescales

Published branch cut off times apply when funds are deposited using a Depositpoint or Deferred Checking Facility, which means funds won't be credited immediately, but will be credited by the end of the day providing funds are deposited by the published cut off times. Making a deposit after the cut off time will delay crediting funds to your account.

Deposit business cheques using our mobile app

Pay in cheques up to £500* using your mobile device’s camera and the money should clear in just two working days.

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Here to help

You can be assured that you’re in safe hands, you can still expect the same great service from our Lloyds Bank branch staff. Our staff will be on hand to provide assistance should you need any additional support with our services.