Tax, investments, inheritance, lending and life insurance all need expert advice. But…

Finding specialists takes time and time is a luxury some people like you simply can’t afford.

That’s why, as a Private Banking customer or Mayfair client, you’ll also benefit from access to our network of expert wealth specialists all of which can be introduced to you by your dedicated contact when required.

Wealth services for you

Let your dedicated contact personally introduce you to the right financial experts who can help you achieve your goals:

  • Financing to realise your ambitions.

    You may have exceptional or complex borrowing requirements. So, whether you’re looking to financing a new business venture, buy property or simply secure short-term funding, we’ll introduce you to our Specialist Lending team who’ll identify the best options to help you.

  • Borrowing to meet your day to day needs.

    At Lloyds Bank Private Banking we understand that the demands of modern life mean quick and convenient access to credit is a necessity rather than a luxury. We can support you with your everyday borrowing requirements.

  • Planning to pass on your wealth

    Making and keeping a Will up-to-date is the only legal way to ensure your wealth is passed on to your family and friends or charities close to your heart after you die.

    So, if you want to pass on your wealth there’s no better time to make use of our Will Writing Service than now.

  • Your tax affairs handled with care

    Tax is complex and time-consuming area - but it must be right. That’s why we provide access to leading tax experts, Ernst & Young LLP (EY). They can help you complete your tax return, avoid penalties, make use of your legitimate exemptions, and ensure you pay the right amount of tax, as well as providing insightful expertise on broader and longer-term tax considerations.

    Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and tax rules both of which can change

  • Planning to keep your wealth in the family

    Inheritance tax can have a devastating effect on the proportion of your Estate received by your beneficiaries. So, we’ll introduce you to a Schroders Personal Wealth Advisor who can guide you on how to mitigate the tax burden by considering using annual tax-exempt gifts, the benefits of a Trust, and making a Will and saving into a child’s pension.

  • Using Lloyds Bank as a professional trustee can help you preserve assets for future generations by setting up a trust in your lifetime or transfer an existing trust. It is a relationship-led service covering all aspects of the administration of complex trust arrangements including discretionary investment portfolios provided in partnership with Schroders Personal Wealth

  • Protecting your family's lifestyle

    If your family rely on your earnings you need to ask the ‘what if’ questions - what if you become too ill to work? And what if you die? In either event the consequences could be severe for your family’s lifestyle. Thanks to our partnership with Schroders Personal Wealth they can help you put the right life insurance in place

  • Creating a wealth plan for life

    Everyone has a different vision of their ideal future; our financial advice service is designed to help you realise yours. Your Relationship Manager will introduce you to a Schroders Personal Wealth Advisor who’ll consider your life goals and current financial situation before helping you build and implement a wealth plan to meet your objectives.

  • Managing your wealth across borders

    Whether you’re looking to move abroad, move to the UK, or whatever your international wealth needs are. We’ll introduce you to our Lloyds Bank International team who’ll help manage your wealth safely across different currencies and countries.

     Find out more about Lloyds Bank International Banking

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“We want nothing but the best for our customers, so we only choose to partner with leading experts in their field. This collaborative approach enables us to keep pace with the needs of customers and ensures they get the expertise they need, exactly when they need it – all through a single point of contact”

Stephanie Laboz
Product Manager

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Service eligibility

Lloyds Bank Private Banking offers two levels of service:

Our Private Banking service is available to customers with £250,000 or more in savings and/or investments or a mortgage of £750,000 or more with Lloyds Bank.

And our Mayfair Banking service is available to clients with £2 million or more in savings and/or investments or an annual income of £500,000 or more.

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