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Cost of Private Education

Facts about School Fees

From different fees to average fee increases, here is more information on the bottom line of private education:

The average annual cost of day school fees is £13,1942.
The average annual cost of boarding school fees is £30,3692.
The average fee has increased by 3.5% in 20163.

Top Reasons Why Parents Choose Private Schooling2

Parents send their children to private school for a variety of reasons:

37.2% see private education as an investment priority.
34% were attracted by smaller class sizes.
24.8% for the connections it will give.
18% because they of a family member went there.

Benefits of Private Education

If you are considering sending your child to a private school, then here are some of the benefits:

On average, private school pupils obtain GCSE results two-thirds of a grade higher in each subject, even after allowances are made for higher academic ability and family background3.
Research suggests children who attend private schools benefit from the equivalent of two years’ extra education by the age of 164.
Independent School Council pupils spend on average 4-5 hours a week doing sport compared to less than 2 hours a week nationally by state school pupils1.


1 Independent Schools Council Annual Census 2016
2 (15th July 2015)
3 ‘Private school pupils ‘two years ahead’ of state education peers by the age of 16’, Sophie Jamieson, 26th February 2016, Daily Telegraph
4 ‘Private school pupils ‘receive equivalent of two years’ extra education’, Sarah Cassidy 26th February 2016, The Independent

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