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Award success for Lloyds Bank Private Banking

Lloyds Bank Private Banking received two awards at the BBA/IFS Financial Innovation Awards in December 2015 in recognition of our recent initiatives to help make financial planning more simple and accessible for our customers. These annual awards, jointly sponsored by the British Bankers’ Association (BBA) and the Institute of Financial Services (ifs), celebrate innovative projects and initiatives in the banking and financial services industry.

Our first award was for innovation in product design and our second award was for innovative application of technology. Both awards recognised the launch of our new financial planning tool in 2015 with which we can help Private Banking customers with their retirement planning and provide them with an in-depth analysis of their potential income when they retire. It also allows us to engage customers in scenario planning, to explore and understand their options, should their objectives or circumstances change.

The awards also recognised the introduction of Video Conferencing and Live Document sharing facilities. Use of this technology has given our customers more flexibility and easier access to their Private Banking and Advice Managers for information and advice when they need them.

These two initiatives have been developed and launched to enhance our customer experience, and to help ensure our customers are equipped to make more timely and effective decisions regarding their financial future.

Simon Kenyon, Managing Director, Wealth and Mass Affluent, Lloyds Banking Group said:

"These awards are a great demonstration of our commitment to our customers and to constant improvement of our products and services and availability for our customers."

The BBA is the leading trade association for the UK banking sector. The Institute of Financial Services (ifs) is the university college for financial education. London-based, it is a registered charity incorporated by Royal Charter that exists to ensure a flow of talented individuals into the financial services industry and related sectors.