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A holistic approach

When you put your heart and soul into running a business every day, it’s reassuring to know the personal side of things is equally well looked after. That’s where Lloyds Bank can help. By bringing the two sides of your life together we can help make sure your commercial and personal finances both work as hard as you do.

Integrated wealth management

Our professional Private Banking and Advice Managers will look at the big picture and if needed help you draw up a financial plan that aims to help you, your business and your family to flourish.

Talk to us about what you want to achieve in the long term and we’ll be able to give you relevant insight, as well as guidance on products and services that may be suitable for you.

Financial planning

Personal investment strategies

When it comes to taking risks, judging your own attitude towards it isn’t always easy. Where appropriate, we’ll help you draw up a plan based on your desire to make a potential profit and your willingness to accept a loss. And because life never stays the same, we can help you review and adapt, where possible, your strategy if circumstances change.

Our investment strategies

Protection for your business and your family

Our advisers can help you take care of your own financial needs and those of the business.

Your business

Introducing benefits like Income Protection and Critical Illness cover can prove attractive incentives to staff. We can also recommend cost-effective and appropriate cover to help ensure the smooth running of your company in case anyone vital were to die or suffer a critical illness.

These products have individual terms and conditions. Exclusions and limitations may apply. Fees and charges will apply.

Your family

Consider a Life Assurance policy if you’d like to cover any outstanding mortgage liability and take out Income Protection or Critical Illness cover to help replace your earnings if you are unable to work. We can also offer guidance on inheritance tax liabilities.

Protecting your family

Planning for the future

Our advisers can discuss your options and look at plans that can be flexible to adapt to changes in your circumstances.

Your business

We can help your business create a company pension scheme as a way of helping attract and retain high-quality people by providing advice on individual pension plans or making a referral for a group pension scheme.

Your life after work

To help you achieve the standard of living you aspire to when you retire, we’ll review your existing arrangements and ,where appropriate, can advise you on adjustments that aim to reach your retirement goals.

Your family’s future

 It’s natural to want to pass on your wealth. We can provide guidance on making plans for your family’s finances for generations to come.

Tax advice

Good tax advice can be invaluable.  We work with leading tax advisers Ernst and Young LLP to offer a complete Personal Tax Service. They can help you complete your tax return, liaising with HM Revenue & Customs to help you receive any exemptions you’re entitled to and to help you to pay the right amount of tax. They’ll also advise on more complex tax requirements and longer-term tax considerations.

Specialist tax advice

Professional financial advisers

We welcome the drive to higher professional and educational standards required for financial advisers. All of our Private Banking and Advice Managers hold a Statement of Professional Standing (SPS), giving you the reassurance they have obtained and adhere to industry-recognised professional, educational and ethical standards.

You can also be sure that when we provide advice, we’ll always be upfront about our fees. You can find out more about our advice fees in the Eligibility and fees section  and details of the professional standards we adhere to at

Before any services or products are provided to you we will explain what advice we can give and what products and services this covers, and any advice or product charges that apply and agree these with you.


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