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Nurture your wealth

Choosing where to invest is a complex matter. We aim to bring clarity to the process. We’ll start by getting a broad understanding of what you want to achieve, and then create a plan that aims to meet those aspirations.

We’ll also take into account your attitude to risk, how much you have to invest and when you might need to access your wealth.

Finding a strategy to suit your goals

Your Private Banking and Advice Manager may work with specialist advisers in order to identify the appropriate strategy for you.

Your investment options could include:

  • tax-efficient ISAs
  • open-ended investment companies 
  • investment bonds
  • or more specialised products, depending on your priorities and risk profile.

We also offer a discretionary managed portfolio service. This is where investments in a wide variety of asset classes are pulled together to create a portfolio that we manage for you. The day-to-day investment decisions will be made on your behalf by professionals with access to specialist fund managers from across the world.

Our investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy clearly articulates the guiding principles that inform and shape our investment decision-making process. That philosophy is based on:

  • long-term exposure to the markets
  • establishing an appropriate risk profile to suit your circumstances
  • diversification of assets to reduce volatility
  • choosing specialist fund managers with different investment styles
  • A combination of active and passive asset management

As part of one of the UK’s biggest banks, we can also offer you – through our discretionary portfolios – access to investment opportunities that are not readily available to the retail market.

The value of investments, and the income from them, may fall as well as rise. Investors may not receive back the full amount originally invested. Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

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