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Premier and Private Banking Share Dealing Account rates and charges

Commission charges

We charge a commission for each deal, whether done online or over the phone.

Online dealing commission - UK and international stocks

Deal type Dealing commission
Online dealing commission £10.00 per deal (for 1st 7 deals per quarter)
Frequent Trader rate* £8.00 per deal (for 8+ deals per quarter)
Foreign currency conversion charge (international trades only)** 1% per deal
Regular investments (purchases only) £1.50 per deal

Telephone dealing commission - UK and international stocks

Deal type Dealing commission
Any £25.00 per deal
Foreign currency conversion charge (international trades only)** 1% per deal

* Frequent trading

Our standard dealing commission rates will apply for the first 7 trades placed online across your Share Dealing Account or Share Dealing ISA, per calendar quarter (ending 31 March, 30 June, 30 September and 31 December). The Frequent Trader rate will apply to any additional deals you place in the same quarter. Standard rates will resume at the beginning of the next quarter. The Frequent Trader rate does not apply to trades placed in OEICs, Unit Trusts or certificated sales.

**International trading

Foreign currency conversions are required to facilitate the settlement of international transactions. We adjust the exchange rate by 1.0% and keep the difference as our fee. The available exchange rate is based on the exchange rate provided by Digital Look. Indicative exchange rates are provided prior to trading, and the rate applicable to the individual trade is confirmed on the contract note once the deal has been completed.

Fund trading

Deal type Dealing commission
Online funds trade £1.50 per deal
Telephone funds trade (sales only) £25.00 per deal

If you're looking to invest in a fund, please note the fund manager will charge an 'ongoing charges figure' from the fund (also referred to as the OCF). You can find the OCF within a fund’s 'Key Investor Information' Document' (KIID).

In relation to a number of the funds we offer, we have negotiated discounted initial charges, or an initial charge of 0%.

Government duties and levies – applies to all online and telephone deals

Stamp duty reserve tax Purchase of UK equities 0.5%
Purchase of Irish equities 1%
PTM levy £1 charge on equity transactions over £10,000


Certificated sales

Where you deal in certificated shares online or over the phone, different commission rates and charges will apply as follows. Any share certificates traded with us need to be registered in the same name as your share dealing account.

Certificated sales - online dealing commission

Deal value Dealing commission
Any £75 per deal

Certificated sales - telephone dealing commission

Deal value Commission per deal
Any £75.00 per deal

Account administration charges

Account charges

Account type Six-monthly account charge
Share Dealing Account £10*

*This charge is waived if you hold a Lloyds Bank Share Dealing ISA as well as a Lloyds Bank Share Dealing Account.

Closing your account

Account type Account charge
Share Dealing Account No administration fee

There may be additional charges for dealing, stock transfers out and rematerialisation (the process by which electronic holdings can be converted into physical certificates) as set out elsewhere in this charges information.

Service Charge
Dividend reinvestment 2% maximum £10.00 per deal, funds are capped at £1.50
Cheque withdrawal £12.50 per withdrawal
Request for share certificate £25.00 per stock
Transfer of shares to another provider £25.00 per holding capped at £125.00
CHAPS payments £20
Ad hoc tax voucher £12.50
Duplicate contract note (if 6 months after original) FREE
Duplicate statement/valuation (per item) £12.50
Debit interest Lloyds Bank base rate +5%
Probate valuations No administration fee
Distribution of assets No administration fee
Lodging a power of attorney No administration fee

Please note: All prices include VAT (currently 20%) where applicable.

Our Share Dealing service does not provide advice so if you are in any doubt about making your own investment decisions we recommend you seek advice from a suitably qualified financial adviser. Please remember the value of an investment and the income from it can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you originally invested.