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What is a Share Dealing ISA?

Our Share Dealing ISA is an investment account that allows you to invest tax efficiently. 

What you’ll benefit from:

  • Any income or gains you make are free from UK Income and Capital Gains Tax.
  • Complete flexibility, as you choose to invest your money in a wide range of investments.
Open a Share Dealing ISA

Regular Investing

Regular Investing


Invest regularly with our commission-free scheduled investment service

More about regular investing

How will it work?


You choose

Choose from a variety of investment options, including UK and international shares, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), managed funds, bonds and gilts.

You invest

You can invest up to £20,000 (in the current tax year), less any payments made to other permitted types of ISA.

You trade

Trade regularly for less, with £1.50 dealing commission when you buy or sell a fund online.

Please remember that the value of all investments can fall as well as rise, and you may get back less than you invest. If you’re not sure about investing, seek financial advice. There will normally be a charge for that advice. Tax treatment depends on personal circumstances and may be subject to change.

Why invest with Lloyds?


Low costs

Low costs

  • Admin fee of £20 every six months, no matter the size of your portfolio.
  • Zero commission on international online trading (1% foreign exchange rate still applies).

Be in control

Be in control

You can invest a lump sum at any time. Or if you don’t want to invest a large amount, you can invest small amounts on a monthly basis.

All in one place

All in one place

Use the mobile banking app to check your investments and everyday banking in one place.

Easy to switch

Easy to switch

We’ve made it easy to transfer to us.

Find out how you can transfer your account with Lloyds

What charges do I pay?

Our Share Dealing ISA administration charges are simple. Please make sure you read and understand the following charges before opening an account.


Charge type

What you’ll pay 

Charge type

Account admin charge

What you’ll pay 

£20 per six months (covers your Share Dealing Account and ISA) taken April and October each year

Charge type

Real-time online UK trades

What you’ll pay 

£11 dealing commission per online trade

Charge type

Frequent trader dealing commission

What you’ll pay 

£8 dealing commission when you trade eight or more times per quarter.

Charge type

Buying or selling funds

What you’ll pay 

£1.50 dealing commission per online trade

Charge type

International online trading

What you’ll pay 

£0 dealing commission, 1% foreign exchange rate

Charge type

Scheduled regular investments

What you’ll pay 


Charge type

Telephone trading

What you’ll pay 

£35 dealing commission per trade

Please note, if you open your account between payment dates, the six-monthly admin charge will be taken from the following payment date.

The table includes the dealing commission and account charges you’ll pay as standard. If you invest in a fund, you’ll also pay an ongoing charge directly to the fund manager. You may also pay government taxes and levies depending on the investment you choose. For full details, please read our Charges page.

Understanding a Share Dealing ISA

Making withdrawals

Lloyds Bank Share Dealing ISAs are not flexible ISAs. Any money you withdraw then pay back in during the same tax year will count towards your ISA allowance.



Free from UK tax

Investing in a Share Dealing ISA means you pay no UK tax on any potential income or gains

You’ll need a Share Dealing Account 

When opening a Share Dealing ISA, a separate Share Dealing Account will automatically open for you – a good way of investing if you’ve used up your ISA allowance.


Your ISA limits 

You can invest up to £20,000 in your Lloyds Share Dealing ISA less any subscriptions made to other permitted types of ISAs, in the current tax year. You can only subscribe to one Share Dealing ISA per tax year.

We don't provide advice so if you are in any doubt about making your own investment decisions, we recommend you seek advice from a suitably qualified financial adviser. There will normally be a charge for that advice.

Ready to apply for a Share Dealing ISA?


I’m new to Share Dealing

If you want to get started, you’ll need your address, debit card details and national insurance number. This can be set up in minutes.

Open an ISA

Terms and Conditions (PDF, 187 KB)

I have a Share Dealing Account

Sign in to apply and access your account.

You can also use your mobile banking app to check your investments.

Log on to Share Dealing

Log on to Internet Banking

Frequently asked questions


  • You can have more than one Share Dealing ISA, but you may only pay into one of them each tax year. You are allowed to have other permitted types of ISAs at the same time, but you can only pay into one of each type of ISA in a tax year (subject to the annual ISA allowance). 

  • No, that’s one of the best things about a Share Dealing ISA. Any dividends and interest payments from your shares are completely tax-free. You also won’t need to pay Capital Gains Tax on any gains from your investments. If you do earn any interest, this will also be free from tax.


  • Yes, you can. When you transfer, the cash will stay in your account until you choose to invest it. You can transfer an existing Lloyds Bank cash ISA or a cash ISA from another provider to one of our Share Dealing ISAs.

    See the Cash ISA transfer form 


  • As with all investments, there is risk involved with a Share Dealing ISA. It’s important to remember that the value of investments and the income from them can fall as well as rise. Before taking out any investment product, you’ll need to be clear with how you feel about risk and how able you are to take losses.

    Learn more about investment risk


  • A dividend is a payment made from a company to those who have bought and hold their shares, on a set date, usually when a company has made a profit.

    If you do not invest within an ISA, you may pay tax on any amount over the dividend allowance. Following the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement in 2022, the dividend allowance has changed to £1,000 in April 2023. It will be further reduced to £500 from April 2024.

    But don’t worry, if you are investing through an ISA, you are protected from this tax. If you’re not investing through an ISA, you can  open one today.


  • Capital Gains Tax is tax you pay on any gains you’ve made from selling assets, such as shares. The current allowance is £6,000, following the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement in 2022. You will have to pay tax on any gains above this amount.

    A further reduction to £3,000 will take place from April 2024.

    If you invest through an ISA, you will not pay this tax on any gains made through your investments. If you are not investing through an ISA, you can open one today

    Find out more about Capital Gain Tax.


If your question hasn’t been answered, take a look at our help and guidance page for further information and support. 


Want to learn more about investing?

If you’re new to investing, we can help you understand the basics. Take a look out our simple investing guide and articles.

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Risk explained

Boost your skills

Investing quick guide (PDF, 1.8 MB)

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Investments with Lloyds Bank Direct Investments are protected up to a total of £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. This limit is applied to the aggregated total of any stock or cash held across the following brands which we administer.

This is in addition to any other savings deposits you may hold across Lloyds Banking Group.

Important legal information

The Lloyds Bank Direct Investments Service is operated by Halifax Share Dealing Limited. Registered Office: Trinity Road, Halifax, West Yorkshire, HX1 2RG. Registered in England and Wales no. 3195646. Halifax Share Dealing Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under registration number 183332. A Member of the London Stock Exchange and an HM Revenue & Customs Approved ISA Manager.

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