Balance transfer credit cards

Move the balance from a credit or store card to a Lloyds Bank balance transfer credit card. Transfer fees may apply. It’s important to know you can’t transfer a balance between Lloyds credit cards. 

  • Balance transfer credit cards usually come with an introductory offer.
  • Putting your card balances in one place could make them easier to manage.
  • Make as many transfers as you like (min £100 per transfer) within your agreed credit limit.

What else do I need to know about balance transfers?


What cards can I transfer a balance from?

You can request a balance transfer from most credit cards and some store cards which display the Mastercard®, American Express® or Visa® logos, but not from loan companies, bank accounts or other Lloyds Bank credit cards.

How long does a balance transfer take?

If approved, balance transfers normally arrive the next working day.

How much can I transfer?

The minimum transfer amount is £100. There’s no limit to how many transfers you can make, but you must stay within the credit limit of your new credit card. You’ll also need to account for any other transactions and transfer fees yet to be added to the card balance.

What’s the difference between a balance transfer and a money transfer?

Balance transfers are about moving credit or store card balances to a different credit card with another provider. With a money transfer, you can move money from your credit card to your UK-based current account.

Want to know more?

To help you understand the benefits, and things to consider, read our guides about balance transfers and money transfers

Features you’d expect - as standard

  • Online card management: Register online to check your balance, review transactions, make payments, request transfers and lots more on your computer, phone or tablet.
  • Full fraud protection: You won’t be charged for transactions you didn’t authorise. You’ll need to let us know if you notice anything unusual, or if you lose your card.
  • Ways to pay: Make repayments through your bank, using your debit card, or set up a regular Direct Debit to take care of it automatically.
  • UK call centres: You can call us 24/7 (in most cases) if you need to talk to us about something on your account.
  • Contactless cards: Make secure payments with your card wherever you see the contactless symbol. Or add your card to your phone, to make paying even quicker.
  • Paperless statements: Get your statements delivered online instead of through your letter box.

What does this mean for me?

  • Draft credit card account terms and conditions (PDF, 775KB)

    A full set of terms and conditions specific to you will be issued once you’ve been accepted for the credit card.

  • Responsible lending

    Lloyds Bank is a responsible lender, and we only want you to borrow what you can afford, in a way that’s best for you. The outcome of your credit card application depends on our assessment of your circumstances.

    If you’d like to talk to us about the choices you’ve made, we’ll refer you to a member of staff to help you. They’ll also be able to talk to you about your options if you’re experiencing financial difficulties.

    A note on fraud

    You won't have to pay us for any unauthorised postal, telephone or internet transactions made by someone other than you or an additional cardholder. However, you and additional cardholders must take all reasonable measures to protect your account. You should never disclose your PIN to anyone. You can give suppliers your card details and won’t be liable if they misuse them. However, if you’ve given someone else your card details, you’re liable for all transactions unless you’ve told us they’re not authorised.

You can apply for a Lloyds Bank credit card if:


  • You’re a UK resident, aged 18 or over, with a regular annual income.
  • You don’t have any County Court Judgements (CCJs), Individual Voluntary Agreements (IVAs) or bankruptcies on your credit file.
  • You’re not unemployed or a student.
  • You’ve not been declined for a Lloyds Bank credit card within the last 30 days.

Check if you’re eligible with One Check

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  • See your estimated credit limit up front.
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  • It won’t affect your credit score.
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