Understanding costs

Whether you choose ongoing or one-off financial advice:

  • You’ll receive a free personalised financial plan built around you and where you want to be in the future.
  • Charges will only apply if you choose to take out a product or service. The amount depends on how much you invest.
  • Your financial Adviser will confirm all applicable fees and charges before you proceed.
  • The information on this page is based on advice fees as of 01/07/2024. These are subject to change.
  • Your adviser will confirm all applicable fees and charges before you proceed.

Are there extra fees?

Schroders Personal Wealth will be open and transparent about any fees you must pay. If you decide to go ahead with a product recommended in your financial plan, in addition to any advice fees you will also need to pay fees and charges associated with the product.

All eligible customers will receive one-off advice to begin with and you can then select the Ongoing Advice Service if it is suitable for your situation.

A personalised financial plan from Schroders Personal Wealth could help you reach your goals. You can pick between ongoing financial support or one-off advice. 


On going financial advice

Receive regular guidance from an experienced financial adviser. What you'll pay for ongoing advice:

Amount Invested


Amount Invested

Up to £1m



Amount Invested




Amount Invested




Amount Invested





Please note: 
Fees paid monthly in arrears and deducted from your investments. VAT charges may apply.

Ongoing advice could be suitable if:

  • You want regular contact with your personal wealth adviser and their support team.
  • You need support for your ongoing financial needs and want to change your plan if needed.
  • You want regular meetings with your adviser to stay updated with the progress of your plan.
  • You would like invites to webinars and access to investment specialists to provide additional insight into your investments.

One-off advice

Get advice and a unique financial plan based on your personal situation. What you'll pay for One-off advice.

Amount Invested


Amount Invested

Up to £1.14 million


1.75% (Maximum fee is £20,000 each time you go ahead with advice) 

Amount Invested

Amounts over £1.14 million 



Please note: 
A minimum fee of £1,000 applies the first time you go ahead with a recommendation for a lump sum only investment.

One-off advice could be suitable if:

  • You'd like an expert to assess your current financial circumstances.
  • You want to receive one-off, personal financial recommendations.

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