Let's talk about scams

Scams never go away, they just change.

But some things stay the same - fraudsters need to gain your trust to steal your money. 

Trust your family first. They can help you fight back against scams.

Fraudsters are people you don't know. But they may know a thing or two about you.

Tips to avoid falling for a scam

  • If you and your family find out and talk about scams, it can help to keep all of you safe.

    The topics in this section cover scams that could target a family.

    Find out more about staying safe from other common scams below:

  • Scams can target anybody, especially those who are young or elderly.

    If you’re going to spend or send a lot of money, talk to your family or a friend first. It could help to save your cash from a scam.

  • We know how hard it can be to talk to loved ones about money. That’s why we’ve got together with relationship experts Relate.

    Our aim is to get people talking as part of Friends Against Scams.

Think you've fallen for a scam?

You should contact us right away if you think you've been scammed. We can then guide you on what to do next.

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