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If your customers trade on credit terms/invoice in arrears, our Invoice Finance solutions: Factoring, Invoice Discounting and Asset Based Lending, can help you.

  • Release up to 90% of the cash tied up in your unpaid invoices, often within 24 hours, with the balance received at final payment minus our charges.
  • Boost cash flow immediately without having to wait up to 90 days for invoice payment.
  • Unlock cash tied up in your business assets to increase your working capital, and funding for growth.

Both are online-based services, giving quick and convenient account access supported by an IT service desk and dedicated teams.

Turnover £50K+


You’ll get immediate access to funds, without waiting to be paid. Factoring can be a much more cost-efficient way of funding growth than traditional finance products. You can effectively outsource your sales ledger, monthly statements and payment reconciliation to us, freeing up your time to concentrate on your business. 

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Turnover £250K+

Invoice Discounting

A fully confidential service allowing you to maintain full control of your sales ledger management tasks such as invoice raising and monthly statements. Your customers will not know you are using the service and you’ll continue to handle all credit control calls.

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Turnover £10m+

Asset Based Lending

Unlock cash tied up in your business assets, such as debtors, stock, plant and machinery or property, to increase your working capital. The money released from these assets could be reinvested into your business to allow you to exploit growth opportunities.

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Invoice Finance compared to traditional funding

Invoice Finance can play a key part in your funding mix, either as an alternative or to complement traditional funding products. Invoice Finance provides:

  • Speed – decisions on funding can be made and funds available within 24 hours.
  • Flexibility – unlike a loan or overdraft, you only pay for finance that is actually being used and you won’t face long-term repayment terms.
  • Support for growth – the amount of funding available grows in line with your sales ledger to help fuel your ambition.
  • Choice – you decide whether you want to retain administrative control or let us manage the sales ledger and invoicing.

How our Invoice Finance solutions work

We can help you reduce the impact of late customer payments, while supporting your short-term needs and long-term ambitions through Factoring and Invoice Discounting.

Both are online-based services, giving quick and convenient account access supported by an IT service desk and dedicated teams.

For more information, visit the Factoring, Invoice Discounting and Asset Based Lending product pages, or our frequently asked questions page.

Invoice Finance is not a loan, although it is secured against an asset – your invoices. We advance funds against the value of your invoices and the amount you draw down is repaid when your customer makes a payment.

Invoice Finance products differ only slightly in how they function. Visit our dedicated Factoring, Invoice Discounting and Asset Based Lending pages for an illustration of how these solutions work.

You will need a turnover of more than £50,000 to be eligible for Factoring Finance, £250,000 for Invoice Discounting and £10m for Asset Based Lending. Both new and established businesses can apply for the service, and it can be used in a wide variety of different sectors.

Invoice Finance releases cash when invoices are raised, and helps you improve and control your cash flow so that you can run your business smoothly and efficiently.

Invoice Finance is also a scalable solution that’s ideal for growing businesses – as turnover increases, you can access the funds tied up in your invoices and grow your assets, stock holding and infrastructure accordingly.

Invoice Finance is a long-established funding method which continues to grow in popularity.

We will release up to 90% of an invoice value through Invoice Finance, often within 24 hours. This saves you waiting up to 90 days to be paid. The balance will be available when full payment from your customer has been received, minus a service fee.

Not all of your transactions will qualify for Invoice Finance. For example, any commercial cash or retail sales would not be eligible and you would not have to put them through the Invoice Finance process.

You can transfer your Invoice Finance facility from another provider to Lloyds Bank at any time using an interfactor transfer. We will do everything we can to ensure a smooth and efficient transfer of your current service.

Call 0800 169 4356 to get an instant quote for using an Invoice Finance solution. The cost will depend on which product works best for you, and the services you wish to use as part of any agreement.

Our Invoice Finance products are designed to ensure business as usual, with the least amount of disruption to you and your customers' businesses.

With Invoice Discounting and Asset Based Lending your customers will not know you are using the service. You continue to send out invoices and statements and collect payments as usual.

For Factoring we can support in managing your sales ledger, so that you can free up your time to run your business.

You will not receive the balance of an invoice until it is fully paid by a customer. If a customer does not pay an invoice, we will support you in trying to reclaim the monies owed.