Online payment control

Online payment control allows you to manage who can make and approve payments with Online for Business. You can: 

  • create individual payment limits for each user
  • double-check each payment by requiring two or three members of your business to authorise the payment.

You need to be a Full Access User to set up online payment control. All users must be registered as either a Full Access User or Delegate User before they can use the service. Learn more about how to manage access to Online for Business.


How online payment control works 

Individual limits

This lets you to set up payment limits for each user. For example, if you and your business partner want your accountant to make online payments of up to £1,000, they’ll need to register for Online for Business as a Delegate User.

Once your accountant has registered, you or your business partner can log on to Online for Business, choose 'Manage payment control' and set your accountant’s limit to £1,000 per transaction. You can change this limit whenever you need to.

This will allow your accountant to make individual payments up to £1,000 without authorisation. They can also set up payments above the £1,000 limit, ready for you or your business partner to approve.

Two authorised users

This means two authorised users need to authenticate each online payment. 

For example:

If a business has three partners and an accountant, two of the partners may be required to authorise all payments by signing cheques prepared by their accountant.

If the accountant is registered as a Delegate User and is set up as 'Create only’ by one of the account signatories, then the accountant can create payments, and any of two of the three partners can authorise them online.

In addition, all three partners can set up and authorise a payment which can then be authorised by either of the other two.

Three authorised users

This means three authorised users need to authenticate each online payment. 

For example:

A charity may require three people to authorise all payments, while eight are authorised to sign cheques. 

Online payment control allows each signatory to register for Online for Business, and any of them can set up and be the first authoriser. Any two of the other seven signatories will then be able to complete the online payment.

How to set up online payment control 

  1. Log on to Online for Business
  2. At the account overview page, select ‘More actions’
  3. In the Payments and Transfers section, select ‘Manage Payment Control’  
  4. Follow the instructions from there.

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