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Report fraud on online business banking

Call us immediately  if you think any of your Lloyds Business Bank accounts have been:

  • accessed by a third party or
  • targeted for fraud.

Please get in touch even if you haven't suffered any loss from the attempted fraud.

This page is for business customers

Find out how to report fraud if you’re a personal customer

Report Fraud

By Phone

Online for Business 
0800 056 3099

Commercial Banking Online 
0800 169 1296
+44 1293 762 380 from abroad. 

Lines are open 24 hours.

You'll need to tell us the reason for your call so we can direct you to our fraud team.


Suspicious emails

Remember, we will never send you an email or a link to a website that asks you to enter your Internet Banking details. If you get anything like this, do not reply and forward it to our fraud team:

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