Paper-free statements

What is paper-free?

Paper-free is a way for your business to get statements and invoices from us online, instead of by post. Your business can register your preference to go paper-free and as Digital Inbox is available, you’ll be able to access your documents in your secure online Inbox. We’ll send an email to your business email address to let you know when a new document is in your Inbox.

You’ll be able to access your documents in Online for Business on desktop and the mobile app. It's a secure way to cut down on your paperwork, and makes it easy to find the information you need in one place. Your documents are available for 10 years, and you can save or print a copy at any time.

We might still need to send you some documents by post, but we’ll reduce this as much as we can.

If you don't choose to go paper-free, we'll keep sending you paper copies. You can also update your preferences at any time, in case you change your mind.

Find out how to update your paper preferences here

Any Full Access User can update paper preferences and change the business email address. Your business has the option to manage who can make these changes by amending their access. Learn more about user access levels.

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