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Online Payment Control Service

As your business grows, it makes sense to have a straightforward method of managing online payments. Our Online Payment Control Service can give you greater control of your business' online payments, and your account limit will still apply.

Features and benefits

Once registered for Internet Banking, you as a full access account signatory can choose between:

  • Authorising payments through authentication by two or three members of your business who are registered Internet Banking users
  • Setting individual payment limits for each of your authorised Internet Banking users.

Online Payment Control demo

Our step-by-step demo guides you through using our online service.

View the Guideabout online payment control


Our examples of how one, two or three registered users can authorise some or all of your secure online payments.

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Online Payment Control guide

Our step-by-step demo guides you through using our online service.

View the guideabout Online payment control

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Internet Banking

Online for Business puts you in control of your finances, giving you time to concentrate on what is important.

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Our registration process is quick, easy and secure.

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If you’ve already registered and would like to sign up for the service, simply click on ‘Manage payment control’ in the right hand menu from your account overview page.

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Online Payment Control guide

Download our guide for more information.

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