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Bacs Direct

Bacs Direct allows you to make and receive payments cost-effectively and securely, without the use of paper vouchers, cash or cheques. You can pay your insurance premiums, subscriptions, salaries and wages, pensions, or interest payments with our efficient online Bacs Direct facility.

Features and benefits

  • Secure electronic remittance of regular payments directly via Bacs.
  • The software can be accessed from your PC using proprietary Bacstel-IP software or through a commercial processing bureau.
  • Industry standard Bacs payment cycle with credit and debit occurring on the same day (Day 3), with funds available to use as soon as they reach the account. Beneficiaries will also appreciate being paid straight into their bank accounts.
  • Arrange and agree a limit to suit you.
  • Improved cash flow as money is released and received on the same day. You can arrange payments to suit your business and send payment files weeks in advance.
  • Reduction in direct costs such as cheque stationery and postage, as well as indirectly reducing time spent on administration.
  • Improve debtor control, as you are notified of unpaid debits quickly.
  • Keep your payment records up to date with automated reports showing failed or redirected debits and credits.
  • Greater security - Bacstel-IP uses the latest commercially available Public Key Infrastructure technologies to carry out identification, authentication and tracking. Using these systems to make automated payments gives you better security – and of course any risks associated with using cheques or cash are reduced.

We charge a set-up fee of either £250 for applications including Direct Debits or £150 for a Direct Credit only application, then a fee per file and item submitted depending on your current account tariff.

View our Business Extra Tariff and Electronic Business Tariff, or compare our tariffs side by side.

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How to apply

On the phone

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Call us to talk to our Business Management Team. We are available from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm on Saturday.

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