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Other service charges

We keep our charges clear, so you can plan your cashflow with tariffs in mind. The guide below gives details of typical charges for banking services.

Service typeCharges
Banker's draft (Sterling) £20
Special cheque presentation. This is a cheque paid into your account, sent directly to another branch or bank for payment. You can find out in advance if a cheque is going to be paid, but it doesn't speed up the clearing process. £10
CHAPS payment for same day value, if sent manually. £30
Stopped cheque. Your instruction to us not to pay a cheque that you have issued. £10
If the cheque has been lost or stolen. Free
Service typeCharges
A regular monthly statement of your account Free
Intermediate statements – ordered via Cashpoint® machine Free
Intermediate statements – ordered at branch £3
Copy statements £5 per sheet
Cheques and/or credit vouchers returned with statements £5 per sheet

We can monitor your account daily, weekly or monthly to make your specified transfers.

Service type Charges
Daily monitoring £20 per month
Weekly monitoring £7 per month
Monthly monitoring £5 per month
Service type Charges
You can request information about a third party to assess if they can commit to a financial arrangement or make a payment. You can only make a request with the third party’s consent, and the information is based on their account status at the time of enquiry £10.21 (includes VAT*)
Audit letter – details of balances and other information provided, at your request, to your accountant £25 per account plus VAT
SMS text alerts – to help monitor your account you can register for a number of text alerts to be sent to your mobile. For example, you may want to be notified when you approach your overdraft limit. Set these text alerts up. Free

We are happy to discuss your day-to-day banking activities without charge. However, if we spend a significant amount of time on a specific area, we may charge a fee. In all cases this will be agreed with you first.

Other banks sometimes charge us when you use their counter services. In turn, we may pass these costs on to you. Your branch will be able to tell you which banks charge and why. Inter-Bank Agency Agreements are arrangements between banks to provide a range of branch counter services to another bank's customers by prior arrangement. They provide a convenient service to business customers who find the accessibility of their own bank's branches difficult – for example due to location.

How do Inter-Bank Agency Agreements work?

For business customers of Lloyds Bank

The range and type of counter services offered under an Inter-Bank Agency Agreement is at the discretion of the providing bank.

Counter services available at our branches include:

  • cash transactions
  • cheques paid in
  • bank giro credits
  • wages/salary cheques cashed
  • night safes
  • special presentations (cheques)
  • returned cheques collected.

For business customers of other banks wishing to use one of our branches

Once the Inter-Bank Agency Agreement service is set up, we will claim back charges from your own bank on a quarterly basis. The additional charge, if any, made by the account-holding branch is negotiated with that bank’s customer.

We strive to provide you with as many services as possible – yet there may be local circumstances where we are unable to provide them.

Some charges may not be included in your pre-notification. If this is the case, we’ll call or write to tell you how much the service will cost, before we provide it.

If your business imports or exports goods and services, we have a range of international services to support your business.

You can find more information in our international services tariff, or talk to your relationship manager.

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