Corporate Purchasing Card

An efficient and cost-effective way to pay suppliers and reconcile purchases.

Using a Purchasing Card to manage supplier payments can help to speed up procurement and reconciliation processes, reducing administration and enhancing supplier relationships.

Business benefits

  • Invoice processing efficiencies and automation of VAT reclaim with thousands of UK-based Visa VAT-enabled suppliers.
  • Reduced cost of working capital with up to 59 days’ interest free credit on Sterling purchases.
  • Improves visibility over cardholder spend with all transactions detailed on statements and stored in our Data Management system.
  • One consolidated statement and one automated monthly Direct Debit payment, in settlement, to Lloyds Bank each month.
  • Make contactless payments on transactions up to £100 at participating retailers. 

Supplier benefits

  • Makes suppliers financially stronger with funds received in as little as three/four working days from order being placed, helping to ease cashflow.
  • Reduces administration by removing their need to chase outstanding invoices.

Control & Security

Corporate Purchasing Cards can help to ensure compliance with internal spending, risk and governance policies by allowing you to control spend:

  • at Company and cardholder level,
  • by individual transaction amount or volume; and/or
  • via Merchant Category Group blocking.

Visibility over cardholder spend is greatly improved with all transactions reported on statements and via our Data Management system.

Creating value

A Corporate Purchasing Card programme provides: 

  • Increased visibility over supplier spend and the data we supply can be used to develop and drive better pricing with your key suppliers.
  • Valuable working capital with up to 59 days’ interest free credit, whilst suppliers are paid promptly.
  • The opportunity to drive an income line in the form of a rebate where your spend meets minimum value thresholds.

Reporting & MI

Corporate Purchasing Card provides detailed reporting and MI which you can tailor to match your organisation’s needs.

Alternatively, a raw data file can be supplied which you can upload directly to your own accounting systems.

You can access a range of reports, including:

  • Cardholder profile reporting – detailing accounts, authorisations and allocation values.
  • Merchant reports – summary of all transactions per merchant.
  • User profile reporting – list of data for individual cardholders.
  • VAT report – accredited tax reporting on transactions, categorised as “evidence” or “non-evidence” for VAT reclaim.
  • User audit report – list of modifications administered by each cardholder.
  • Transaction report – summary of all transactions per cardholder.

For more information

To find out more about how Corporate Purchasing Card can enhance your business efficiency enquire online.

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