Straight Through Processing

Unlocking Commercial Card payments for your business

 There are benefits for your organisation when paying by Commercial Card, but the need for additional processes on your supplier’s side can be a barrier to them accepting card payments.

Straight Through Processing (STP) is a simple and innovative solution to this challenge. Settle invoices through STP to your supplier’s acquirer. Then each month, receive a single statement for all the payments, which is settled by Direct Debit.

STP enables you to automate payments, protect working capital and simplify reconciliation.

Watch our video to see how Straight Through Processing can make the payment process more efficient in your business.


Benefits for you

  • Minimal change to processes – making STP another payment option within your existing invoice control and invoice approval processes.
  • Ensure prompt payment – by requesting when the transaction date is made.
  • Protect working capital with up to 59 Days Payable Outstanding on purchases.
  • Simple reconciliation as you can:
  • Include up to five unique payment references, e.g. a general ledger code or site code.
  • Track each payment by its unique Virtual Card Number.
  • Request tailored reconciliation templates to suit your needs.
  • Available in Sterling, Euro and US Dollar denominations to minimise conversion costs when transacting in those currencies. Also ensures transactions undertaken in those currencies are not subject to currency fluctuations.

    To take advantage of these options a Lloyds Bank Current account is required in the relevant currency.

Benefits for suppliers

  • Suppliers can receive earlier settlements, improving cash flow:
  • Without process change or additional technology once the supplier has enrolled onto STP.
  • Without handling sensitive card information.
  • Suppliers can keep track and reconcile invoices because payment details are issued by email.
  • They’ll need a merchant account with their card acquirer and to enrol for STP.

Supplier enablement

We’ll work with you and your suppliers to help you set up STP. Benefit from our experience in supplier engagement and services which we can deliver in partnership with Lloyds Bank Cardnet.

Find new opportunities

You may qualify for a free data review, using the OPTIMA by PayTech Analytics tool, helping you to spot opportunities to improve your B2B payments with STP. Contact your Relationship Manager to find out more.

For more information

To find out more about how Straight Through Processing can enhance your business efficiency enquire online.

Working capital

Commercial Cards can help you optimise working capital while improving payment processes.

  • Longer payment cycles created by consolidating card purchases into a single monthly account.
  • Reduced cost of capital with up to 59 days to pay interest free on Sterling purchases.*
  • Take advantage of early payment discounts, with suppliers typically receiving payment within 4 business days while you pay later.
  • Eliminate cash advances for Travel & Entertainment purposes, with an easy to control payment method.

*or Euro or US Dollar purchases depending upon currency of account.

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