Trade and working capital solutions

Improve cashflow and mitigate risk

Our export solutions can help improve cash flow and mitigate risk. By working with other banks with expansive local expertise across the world, we can provide the in-depth knowledge required to trade successfully.

When importing, our solutions can manage the gap between settlement with your suppliers and payment from your buyers helping to mitigate financial and performance risks

Talk to one of our trade specialists

Talk to one of our trade specialists

One of the team will contact you to discuss your needs. 

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Documentary Collections

Simplify the way you make and receive payments through trusted trading partners, offering a straightforward and cost-effective way to undertake international transactions.

Documentary Credits

Allow importers and exporters to deal confidently with one another, providing peace of mind that payment will be made if the transaction is completed in line with agreed terms.

Clean Collections

Process cheques and bills of exchange without any accompanying documentation. 

Bonds and Guarantees

Guarantees or bonds are used for both international and domestic trade when you need to give customers, suppliers or other agencies confidence in your ability to perform under a contract.

Export and import finance

  • A simple option to provide short-term funding to improve cash flow. Get paid sooner for the sale of goods or services. Retain control of goods until they are paid for, or a future payment is accepted. We monitor whether the payment is made or accepted.

  • A short-term tailored funding solution to strengthen cash flow. Finances the time difference between making payment to your supplier and receiving payment from your end buyer. Suppliers can be paid prior to the receipt of payment from end-buyer, which could result in improved pricing and payment terms.

  • An end-to end solution to support your business in managing risk, using trade instruments. Protect cash flow when purchasing business assets from overseas or domestically, with financing to secure the asset, through to purchase, along the supply chain. Plus, longer-term funding once things are up and running. 

    Purchase business assets with confidence

    Manage risk and protect cash flow when purchasing assets for your business from outside the UK.

Open Account Trade

Accelerate payments for invoices ahead of agreed payment terms to optimise working capital. Open Account Trade solutions reduce risk, improve supplier relationships and align the objectives of Treasury, Procurement and Sales for both buyers and suppliers.

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Support from UK Export Finance

Strengthen your ability to bid for new contracts with UK Export Finance (UKEF) who can typically guarantee up to 80% of the bond.  A UKEF-backed facility can be used in addition to your existing bank facility. 

Managing trade online

Tools to help you manage your trade with Lloyds Bank.


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Talk to one of our trade specialists

Talk to one of our trade specialists

One of the team will contact you to discuss your needs. 

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