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Complete a board resolution

If you can’t collect all the signatures you need to approve changes to your business accounts, you will need to complete a board resolution.

What is a board resolution?

A board resolution is a written record of an important decision made by directors in a board meeting.

When do I need to send a board resolution to the bank?

You’ll need to send us a copy of a board resolution if your signatories are not able to approve changes to your business accounts. For example, if a signatory has left the business but they are still on your bank mandate.

To complete a board resolution, use one of the templates on this page.

Board resolution templates

For Public Limited Companies and Private Limited Companies: 

Companies template (PDF, 105KB)

For Limited Liability Partnerships and Limited Partnerships:

Limited Liability Partnership template (PDF, 112KB)

For clubs, charities and societies:

Clubs, charities and societies template (PDF, 180KB)

How do I send my completed board resolution?

If you’re requesting changes online

Scan or take an image of the board resolution and upload it when prompted.  You’ll only need to send us a paper copy if we ask for it.

If you’re requesting changes using a paper form

Post your board resolution to:

Lloyds Bank

Business Banking


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