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Request a status enquiry

A status enquiry, also known as a status check, confirms the status of your business accounts with Lloyds Bank.

It tells a third party whether:

  • your business has accounts with us.
  • it's likely you could meet your financial commitments to them.

By post

Download the form below.  Once completed, print, collect the required signatures and post it to:

Lloyds Banking Group
2 Bankhead Crossway North
EH11 4DT

How to access this form​

​Your browser may not be able to open the form. It’s best to save to your device first.​

  1. Click, or tap, on the link below.
  2. Choose where to save it, for example in your downloads folder.​
  3. To find it, look for filename ‘lloyds-status-enquiry’ in the folder where you saved it. Don’t try to open it from the pop up in your browser.
  4. Right click on the file and select to open with Adobe PDF reader.​

Download the status enquiry form (PDF 133KB)

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