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Find out more about a transaction

If you don’t recognise a transaction there could be a few reasons.

Here’s a few things to help you.

Find more information in Online for Business

To see more detail about the transaction:

  1. Log on to Online for Business
  2. Select ‘view statement’ on the account the transaction is from
  3. Click or tap on the transaction.
  4. You’ll see details including date, time, name and location of the business.

If the transaction is showing in ‘view pending transactions’, the name of the business may be different from the actual name that will show on your full statement.

Find more information in Commercial Banking Online

There are many ways to find transaction information in Commercial Banking Online.

One way is through the Bank Account Summary. To get there select ‘Bank Account Summary’ from the Manage Payments menu.

To see more information select ‘View details’ in the ‘Additional information’ column.

For more help, look for help icon at the top of the page when you’re logged on.

Check the name of the business or retailer

Sometimes the name of the business may be different to what they’re commonly known as.

We’ve put together a list of common business or retailer names.

Check names

Check the type of transaction

The codes on your statement will help you understand what type of payment it was.

Common transaction types are:

  • BP is a Bill Payment
  • DEB is a debit card payment
  • DD is a Direct Debit
  • FPO is a Faster Payment Outbound.
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Check if it’s a subscription

Sometimes a subscription fee may be charged even if you weren’t expecting it.

In many cases subscriptions are set up on your debit or credit card. You will have given a company permission to take a regular payment from your card.

To cancel a subscription it’s best to speak to the business you set it up with first. 

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